Why gastronomic tourism is so popular lately?

Gastronomic tourism is currently gaining popularity and increases the number of people interested in. According to the results of sociological studies only in Italy out of 50 million tourists who come to the country every year, at least 10% of them plan to participate in gastronomic tours held. This type of recreation brings a lot of profit to States, but what is the secret of its popularity?

Causes of gastronomic tourism

Gastronomy flourishes in the 21st century, it is enough to see how many culinary shows or programs with travel for the sake of local cuisine are available on television. Also because of the development of globalization on store shelves there are separate sections of foreign products or even full-fledged foreign cuisine. These listed factors contribute to the development of interest in cooking culture in different countries of the world.

Among other things, food is the main and simplest way to obtain pleasant emotions and pleasures. Taking into account this, the popularity of gastronomic tourism becomes easy – people want to shift the usual travel frame to enjoy other brighter emotions from the trip.

Types of tours

The main types of gastronomic tours are as follows: rural I suggest acquaintance with food "from the ground", that is, without departing from the places of their cultivation and collecting. They are taken to get acquainted not with ready-made dishes, but with products that are famous for the terrain. Within urban Tours A visit to famous restaurants of local cuisine and cafes, tasting dishes from famous cooks.

In addition to the two species above, there are two more ways to get acquainted with the global gastronomy. As part of the first Selects the product of interest, For example, chocolate, then Methods and secrets of its preparation are studied in different countries of the world. This approach is called synthetic. Analytical approach – full-fledged study of the culture of cooking and consumption of food of a particular country.

To the taste receptors do not lose sensitivity after a continuous acquaintance with food for a week, usually choose Combined tour. It combines gastronomy with classic vacation on the beach or on excursions.

Why gastronomic tourism is so popular lately

What to take into account before traveling

Before you start looking for tours in the search engine, it is worth Decide for the purpose of traveling and a specific direction. If you want to learn more about the cooking technique, the US ride is suitable. If your favorite Italian cuisine – Welcome to the corners of Italy. Exotic tastes will find satisfaction in Asia and South America.

Spontaneous trip can lead to disappointments, because it is necessary to approximately represent what awaits at the other end of the flight and whether it is suitable for the tastes of a particular person. For example, if tickets are purchased to the United States, and a vegetarian man, it is unlikely that he will feel the flavor of local cuisine. Thus, the main impression of the trip will be missed.

When preparing for the tour costs represent which budget will have to lay. As a rule, such trips are not cheap pleasure, but the price varies depending on the duration of the tour and destination. If a gastronomic event is planned in the destination country, for example, a gourmet festival in St. Moritz, then you will have to pay more.

Gastrotur – Excellent opportunity to get a lot of experience from traveling and find out the countries from the inside. Memories of such a trip will remain in memory for a long time, because not only eyes and ears were involved, but also other senses. With competent planning of the tour and preparation for it, such a type of rest will not hit the wallet and will not bring disappointments.

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