Why frosty patterns appear on the windows?

Chaotic lines, broad stripes and arcs, the smallest wood motifs … The chief artist in winter – frost, which draws unique paintings on the windows. How does this happen?

If we speak scientific language, then there is injured in the inner surface of the glass. The fact is that the air temperature near windows in winter is always lower than the rest of the room. Cold air can not contain as much moisture as warm, it falls in the form of a winter or dew in the summer. If the glass temperature is higher than zero, the windows are covered with the smallest droplets of moisture – fogging (those who wear glasses will understand what speech). And if lower than zero, then water vapor does not settle in the form of water droplets, but immediately in the form of ice crystals (that is, there is a water transition from a gaseous state immediately into solid – sublimation). Such crystals of ice (oars) and covered with a thin layer of glass.

A drawing is associated with the movements of the air indoors: people move, hood runs, windows open to ventilation, eat slots in frames and t. NS. An important role is played by the features of the glass surface (the smallest scratches, dust or fingerprints, etc.). The combination of these factors and forms a unique frosty pattern.

Why frosty patterns appear on the windows

In conjunction, by the way, not only windows, but also any objects cooled to negative temperatures, which from the street are made to the warm room. Just looks like they are not so impressive on them, and these items are usually quickly heated to room temperature. Another thing – windows, the low temperature of which is supported by an external cold.

And the main thing – the picture on the windows also says that in the room there is bad thermal insulation. In modern double-glazed windows, where two or even three glasses are used, frost patterns are no longer formed. In this case, there is a vacuum between the glasses with zero moisture content and on the cold glass (on the fact that it is adjacent to the street) just nothing to settle. Now the lotion of frosty patterns – houses in the villages, the windows of some buses and trolley buses. Progress leaves romance in the past ..

Why frosty patterns appear on the windows

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