Why foreign languages ​​are not given to all?

"Language is a special ability of a human brain. And so it turned out that the language is mastered in the early years of life easily, somewhere until three to four years. It is a temporary window that has a brain when the brain is unconditionally "believes" To your teachers. When you need to urgently all around the words, then to use not just for a conversation, but first of all for thinking. When everyone was already named, it is very difficult to redeem. And the transition to another language is actually reappection. Because, for example, it "table", but not "Table".

In one people this transition is lighter, others are more difficult. No one knows why, but it is quite possible that this is also associated with early childhood: not always the child unequivocally understands the name. You say a child: "This is a car", And he thinks about himself: "Well, maybe it’s a car". That is, there is ambiguity. This feature is pronounced, if a person is developing two languages ​​at once as a child: who has a varying parent, or there is a special teacher who talks to a child in another language. And well, when this mobility remains, the child understands that the object is not necessarily called in one word, maybe others. Therefore, people who learned two languages ​​are easier than the third – their brain allows this ambiguity.

Child need to teach second language. Enough so he heard him. After all, training begins long before the child begins to speak. In any case, if the child hears the language in childhood, it leaves the trail, which then allows you to learn the language faster.

Adults have two learning strategies to languages: one still understands little, but already trying to say something. Such people are quickly mastering the language, but they can forever remain pronunciation defects, grammatical errors. Others – on the contrary: first teach the rules and already try to build speech.

Why foreign languages ​​are not given to all

I can give advice to people who are forced to speak English in English, only due to the production necessity – on a trip to the conference, on short work abroad. Before traveling abroad, I put on the headphones and listen to the texts in English – not the songs, since the music distracts from words, but it is speech. It doesn’t matter what – I have English in the headphones all the time, and at arrival I discover that it is easier for me to two or three days of entry into the language environment than if I spoke our today, and tomorrow is already in English. The brain adjusts to the sounds in advance, to the forms, we do not even know how, and he already does it.

If a week and a half walk with the player and listen to a foreign speech, you can buy quite aware of the spoken language skills, even having ordinary school knowledge. As a rule, the school stock of words is enough for elementary communication, we just can’t build words if there is no practice. Even a hundred words enough to discuss all household situations ".

Why foreign languages ​​are not given to all

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