Why females choose extravagant males?

Let’s clarify a little: females always choose those males who like them. Another question – who seems attractive? They seem attractive those who are in the framework of the competitive struggle seem to be healthy, strong, adults. Most often this is expressed in size: That is, simply speaking, females try to get into the partner who is larger. Therefore, natural selection is aimed at the consolidation of males compared to females. But it is also impossible to enlist to infinity, so the males begin to exaggerate their size in many ways: they grow long horns, flashes feathers, get acquainted with particularly luxurious tails, beautiful jabs and t. D. Thus, females begin to evaluate males and on these signs too. This happens from those species where males are little involved in the upbringing of the offspring: their task is to attract the maximum number of females with its appearance, fertilize them, and then it is expected from the upbringing process.

However, there are species that are all otherwise. For example, those that are not at all enjoyed when choosing a partner. Or those species that have no competition – monogamous species, where and the male, and the female is equally involved in the education of offspring and equally invest in children: wolves, dogs, foxes, rodents, penguins, cranes, rodents. These species often the male at all are indistinguishable from the female and no cheap receptions of "decorations" do not resort, and the female chooses one who seems to her more reliable.

Why females choose extravagant males

About how the principle of different animals choose a couple, read in the material "My Planet" .

Why females choose extravagant males

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