Why each passenger does not give a parachute?

"Forget for a minute about the cost and mass of parachute, as well as about the probability of a deadly outcome when jumping from an airplane without the necessary experience and consider typical conditions of the aircraft crash. They, as a rule, occur without any warning and most often during take-off or landing. Parachutes in this case will not help.

Parachute jumps are usually performed with a clear observance of certain flight parameters of the aircraft. To assume that people who jumped with parachute will be safely free to land, you need to provide a number of conditions. The plane should be in a state of a stable flight at low speed and at such a height so that the parachute manage to reveal.

Why each passenger does not give a parachute

How many times in the entire history of civil aviation the crew knew that they would be awesome? Was they have enough time and opportunities to prepare a mass evacuation? Only the disaster of the Japan Air Lines aircraft in 1985 comes to mind. After the partition was broken and refused the steering wheel, Boeing 747 lasted in flight for a few more minutes before collapsed to the foot of Fuji. If there were parachutes on board, it would be possible to speculate that, perhaps, some of the passengers had a chance to escape ".

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