Why dubai is the most beautiful city in the world?

The common city of the United Arab Emirates today is considered one of the most beautiful, comfortable and expensive cities in the world. And everyone knows the reason – oil, The field of which was discovered here in the sixties of the XX century.

However, few people know that oil production in modern Dubai occupies less than 5% of the overall economy. And every year this figure continues to decline.

The main sources of profits – Tourism and real estate. It is here that the most expensive and high buildings in the world are being built, large shopping centers and elite hotels are opening, beaches are placed and unprecedented beauty floral parks. Moreover, wishing to purchase real estate into an oak so much that local authorities have become erected by the artificial islands with elite housing and entertainment infrastructure since 2006. Some of these islands have already been commissioned, and part is in the construction process.

In addition, considerable income brings the airline Emirates Airlines, Based in Dubai. Her airlines are considered the most prestigious, comfortable and secure in the world. Well, of course, the most expensive. At the services of passengers a huge fleet of the biggest aircraft in the world, on board which there is absolutely everything: beds, massage chairs, a bar with elite alcohol and even shower.

The next dignity of Dubai – Fully automated urban metro line (without machinists). It is also the world’s largest. Its length is more than 70 km. It is noteworthy that each composition has the cars of several classes, including the so-called "gold cars", access to which is open exclusively to the owners of gold plastic cards.

The main chip of the city, which is known to all the world – giant skyscrapers. Here are the highest hotels and residential buildings on the planet. At the moment, the record holder is Burj Khalifa 828 meters high.

As we said, Dubai is famous for its luxurious shopping and entertainment centers. Here is the world’s largest mall &# 8211; Dubai Mall. Its area is 1.2 million square meters. In addition to shops, there was more than a thousand, in the territory of Mall, there is a giant ice rink, Sega Republic theme park (something like Disneyland, but only with Sonic instead of Mickey Mouse), Kidzania’s children’s entertainment center, countless cinemas, concert hall, giant aquarium and Many other cultural and entertainment facilities.

The number of luxury cars is another indicator in which Dubai is an indisputable leader among all other cities. The number of sports cars and supercars, as well as branded car dealerships, Kuta so love to visit Dube, just off.

Why dubai is the most beautiful city in the world

In Dubai, there is the largest musical fountain in the world, which is symbolicly located near the highest residential building – already mentioned Burj Khalif. It is based in the center of artificial lake and during the presentation is able to rise to height up to 280 meters.

Through the entire city, an artificial channel with bays stretches, which is simultaneously an additional means of movement and another decoration of Dubai. In the central part of the city, the world-famous Dubai Marina is located right on his shore – an elite area from the embankment for walking, picturesque boulevards and fantastic yachts worth a few million dollars each.

Love for gold is another weakness of local residents, as well as those who come to the city as a tourist. For this reason, the largest indoor golden market appeared in the city &# 8211; Gold Souk. It is located on the territory of the Mella mentioned earlier. Here, as an invaluable artifact and the provide of the inhabitants, the largest gold ring in the world is exhibited, whose weight exceeds 58 kilograms.

You can tell about Dubai infinite. For example, we have not mentioned Plotido Domingo – the legendary opera scene. Or superior skiing complex Ski Dubai (and this is essentially in the heart of the desert!). Bigger Colors Park Dubai Miracle Garden and Maid HippodromeAn. However, so as not to bore the reader, perhaps we adjourn at this place and we wish everyone to visit this wonderful place. And even better – to acquire their own housing in one of the elite areas of Dubai.

Why dubai is the most beautiful city in the world

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