Why do you want to sleep before the rain?

When the sky is tightened with clouds, one cup of coffee is sometimes not to do. Thoughts are spinning around the pillow, and focus on a business meeting managed with great difficulty.

There are several reasons. The first is the lack of oxygen in the blood. When atmospheric pressure fall, our body reduces blood pressure and reduces heart rate frequency. The oxygen concentration in the blood drops, which affects the activity of the nervous tissue of the brain – it also decreases. As a result, drowsiness arises.

The second reason is related to the level of melatonin, "night hormone". The appearance of the Sun blocks the development of the latter in the body, while the sky tightened by the clouds violates the course of biological clock – the body simply does not understand why it is forced to be awake when it is dark.

Rain itself acts sleeping. Drop drops creates uniform noise, it is also called white. In addition to the noise of rain to this include the rust of foliage, wind, hum of waterfall and other monotonous sounds. They allow you to relax and quickly fall asleep.

Why do you want to sleep before the rain

Sleepiness after the rain appears due to increased ozone formation in the air. In addition, the smell of land is to blame. All herbs, plants and trees have volatile fragrances in their composition. The rain flips them, mixing with geosmines, organic matter produced by bacteria, which is just responsible for the earth odor. So it turns out a special aroma with a relaxing impact.

True, some aromas of plants, on the contrary, cause a tide of vigor. These include the smells of lemon, rosemary, lavender, jasmine, pine. Try to put in the room the essential oil of some of these plants – sleep as a hand!

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