Why do Danes round gardens?

Modern Denmark is a country in which one of the happiest people in the world live. Since 2013, it does not fall in the ranking of the international index of happiness below the third line. The company Danes usually make up residents of Finland, Norway and Sweden. In addition to happy citizens, Denmark has another interesting feature – round gardens.

Such structures can be found in the Nehru. This suburb of Copenhagen is obliged to architect Serez Serensen by its unusual landscapes. In 1948, he suggested breaking 40 oval sections in a hilly lawn with a size of 25 x 15 m each. On them the owners could have their homes and other buildings as they want. Mandatory condition – Live inland oval. Sorensen spoke OVAL. However, in the process of people, there were both circles and ellipses. Modern designers and architects say that differences in the form add dynamic objects.

Interestingly, the access roads to the plots were not designed. And this state of affairs is still preserved! So the architect wanted to encourage the inhabitants of Nerum more to walk, breathe fresh air and communicate with their neighbors. Perhaps this is the secret of Danish happiness.

Why do Danes round gardens

Neurum – not the only place in Denmark with round gardens. The modern district of Breundby-Havlebi also organized his life in a similar way. This garden city smashed land plots on smooth circles, and each of them – on 16 sectors. It turned out a kind of "cake". Each piece of this cake is a separate household, fenced from the rest of the fence from plants. To each such a circle the road is connected, which goes straight into his center. Judging by the photo, this center is most often used as parking. From the center to each house the path is laid.

The main idea of ​​such a round settlement – in increasing social interaction. Houses are very close to each other and have a common infrastructure. Residents in the good sense of the word are forced to communicate and maintain good neighborly relations.

Why do Danes round gardens

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