Why didn’t we like Las Vegas or a Fremont Street Tale and Strepe

What do you think you like Las Vegas or not? Leaves indifferent or capture in his whirlpool?

No. This city is not for
Psychadelikov – here
Too curve reality.

K / F «Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas»

It is called the city of sins, the city of millions of lights, the city of debauchery and permissiveness, paradise for players and anything else. Las Vegas – The most cheerful, most liberated, the most sparkling in all of America. Such images are circling with swirl in the head, when we hear this name, which, by the way, is translated by boring phrase «Fertile valleys». With nothing, but fertile lands in Nevada, including Vegas, does not even smell – Desert expanses, summer crepe heat, but today is not about it.

Las Las Vegas is really such a mounted, exciting and drive, how he is drawn in films and describe numerous eyewitnesses? What did you like and did not like us with Andrews? That will be a speech.

In order to see all the most interesting in Vegas, it is enough to walk along the two streets: Frimont Street and Streap. First – This is the official center or downtown, the second – tourist centre. Ready to see all with their own eyes? Then forward!

Fremont Street (Fremont Street)

Fremont Street – The oldest in Las Vegas, for it appeared in 1905 – year the founding of the city itself. Initially, it was here that the first and subsequent casinos were located, because they were allowed to build them on this one and only street. You can imagine what kind of popularity she used? It is now almost all tourists ran into the strip, on which we also walk, and before the nineties of the last century, Frymont casinos were in the zenith of their glory.

So, that offers us freemont Street today?

Pedestrian part

All this street, stretching for several quarters, is a pedestrian one, which means that you can relax, calmly walk and stare on the sides, not afraid to test your insurance in action. To be honest, I expected more from this street. In fact, she turned out to be similar to some station, on which people will be blossomed here, cumulating beggars, sell cheap souvenirs and dance citizens torn off the world. However, something interesting here is still there!

Fremont Street Experience (Fremont Street Experience)

Andriusix we made a big mistake, coming here in the afternoon, because Vegas – This is a huge glowing ball to which you have to look in the dark. Here and night-night freemont offers an exciting spectacle called Freemont-Exhibin. It turned out that the dome over the western part of the street, covered almost 500 meters of its length, was not made to save tourists from the scorching sun. It is a system of several million displays, which in the dark day reversal of a video show, and absolutely free. Show concerts, broadcast all kinds of interesting events and other entertaining events. See the show from six evenings until midnight at the beginning of each new hour.

Casino on Fremont Street

As I mentioned, it was the first to frimont-street Las Vegas Casino. There are here and to this day. Most famous – GOLDEN NUGGET, GOLDEN GATE AND BINION’s Horseshoe.

Why didn't we like Las Vegas or a Fremont Street Tale and Strepe

Today they are no longer so popular among tourists who prefer the giant complexes on the strip, so visitors have to be lured by all possible ways. For example, the initial rates on frummate are lower than in the strip casino, in the freemont bars you can buy cheap alcoholic beverages (advertising is banging everywhere, offering to taste a cocktail «Margarita» For 99 cents), here you can find cheap rooms in hotels.

Thanks to all the tricks, local casinos are far from empty, although, the contingent in places is very peculiar.

Numerous bars staying along the street. Everything is as always – Brilliant bottles, cute cups and attractive bartenders. Somewhere boys, somewhere girls dancing behind the rack or right on it. Smile, offer drinks designed to warm up in visitors of Vegas Spirit Azart.


Immediately, without leaving far, you can buy souvenirs to yourself and your loved ones. Similar souvenir shops in Las Vegas apparently invisible. Assortment monotonne – T-shirts with all sorts of inscriptions three or four pieces for ten dollars, mugs, key chains, figurines, postcards and other little things.

Here is such a street Frymont. Who does not know frummont – This is the surname of the Unitary Enterprise, who headed the expedition, crossed Las Vegas Valley in the middle of the nineteenth century. He later was a senator and even ran for US presidency. In general, it was smart and good.

Guidebooks say that the spirit of old vegas can be caught on Frimont Street. Everything can be, but as we did not try, could not feel it. Probably, the thing is that in Vegas «day all cats gray» )) I’m sure in the evening everything looks much more colorful and more interesting, but Vegas lights we went to catch on the famous strip.

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