Why did you come to New York?

Yes, yes, I know, here the most intellectual and advanced public lives here, and it will not look stupid women’s TV series "Sex in the Big City". Therefore, I will quote a small episode from this film, when the heroine of Sarah Jessica Parker was looking for a helper.

The question is on the interview to the Miloid Negro, the candidate:

– Why did you come to New York?

Think this answer is stupid? Meanwhile, it is very typical and honest. I suggest this question to discuss? Why New York is so attractive for young emigrants?

Megacols on the planet are a lot, but it is NYC that is called the "City of Lonely Hearts". And not in vain.

If you believe the statistics, there are about 4 million in the city. bachelors and bachelors, each of which came there not so much to build a career and earn money, how much to find a couple. Just not all admit to open.

Also in favor of the fact that New York contributes to the fight against loneliness, testifies the following:

Why did you come to New York

– Favorable infrastructure for leisure. It seems to someone that the cult of consumption and entertainment exists only for pumping money. And in fact numerous museums, galleries, clubs, restaurants and other have a high mission – bring people.

– High housing prices. Yes, in all big cities, the price for rent bite is biting, but this factor pushes to ensure that it does not want to live one.

– Beautiful landscapes, romantic architecture. These tourists see only advertisement, neon, attachment and smoke on asphalt among the "stone jungle". And if you look attentively, the city opens its sentimental side.

– And most importantly – people. They are very friendly in this city, despite the intrinsic employment, a hurry and businesslikeness. Of course, because they came here with an open heart ..

Why did you come to New York

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