Why did the city of Ivanovo bride?

City more from pre-revolutionary times was the center of the textile industry. In the 1930s, the Soviet government began to conduct intensive industrialization of the textile industry, steel plant equipped with modern machines, which employed mainly women. In Ivanovo «Komsomol ticket» They began to gather women from all over the USSR. As a result, the city formed a demographic imbalance – the number of women was significantly higher than the number of men.

After the Second World War, the situation was aggravated by the fact that from the front, not many men returned. But the textile industry continued to develop in the city there were tens of dormitories, which were home to only unmarried young weavers. Currently, the volume of the textile industry in Ivanovo declined significantly, some businesses are closed. However, the statistics and the census is still recorded in the predominance of the female population. In 2010, for every thousand women in the Ivanovo region in 1233 women accounted for.

Why did the city of Ivanovo bride

The answer to the question «Why Ivanovo – city of brides?» It has another version, which, however, only confirms the above. In 1981 came the movie screens «Honest, intelligent, unmarried». The main character (played by a favorite of all women of the USSR Andrei Mironov) sang a song in the film, in which there is a line «A Ivanovo — brides city». The song was a popular phrase, in general, correspond to reality – and rumor has assigned to Ivan’s is the informal name.

And in 1996 was approved a new emblem of the city, it is shown on the girl at the spinning wheel. Name «brides city», thus acquired a «semiofficial» status.

Why did the city of Ivanovo bride

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