Why did not go to the series Futuristic tram "Russia One"

Prototype model that received informal name «Tram iPhone», was assembled at the factory «Uraltransmash» Back in 2014. They admired the mayor of the capital Sergei Sobyanin and the famous designer Murat Gunak, however, the car remained in a single copy…

First «mirror» The tram was presented at the exhibition «Innoprom», held 6 years ago. His rapid beauty of the Black Ural Gem Fedded in Steel, he produced a real four. In social networks, the car immediately died «iPhone on wheels», And Sergey Sobyanin, seeing «R1», resolutely exclaimed, – «We must take!»

Governor of the Sverdlovsk region Evgeny Kuivashev went even further, to promise to release new trams to the streets of Yekaterinburg, for the World Cup 2018. However, nor to the World Cup, nor to 2020. Serial assembly of impressive «Russia one» never started. Moreover, its only copy slowly destroys the backyards of the creator plant in Yekaterinburg.

From the very beginning, the tram had critics, and not only among ordinary users of social networks, but also experts in the field of mechanical engineering. The main suspicions related to the safety of operation «Future wagons». It was expressed that they would be bad to endure clashes with cars that are inevitable in saturated city traffic. In addition, the design «R1» Practically does not leave a chance of pedestrians who fell under the tram.

Why did not go to the series Futuristic tram

Specialists-machine builders have been found on low maintainability «Iphon on wheels», and also doubted the effectiveness of the design of its running part. When the question arose about the preparation for serial release «R1», It turned out that they were right. «Manufacturers cannot realize what designers came up», – So explained the impossibility of launching the model in the Corporation Sodirector Series «Rostech» Vasily Brovko.

Detailing your own thesis, he noted that the designers could not come up with an effective chart of the chassis for an unusual design «Tram iPhone» with beveled fore. As a result, experts concluded that the car would often break, and its repair – go into very significant amounts. to operate as «costly» municipal transport would not be able to afford even the rich Moscow.

As a result, the first and last instance futuristic tram found its final parking lot near one of the shops of the plant «Uraltransmash». Tramparki Moscow, St. Petersburg and other megacities prefer to update its electric transportation is not so beautiful, but more reliable «knight». This model 2014. He began producing the Tver plant «Metrovagonmash».

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