Why deer water dance?

Why deer water dance?
Which tundra without deer? After the delight of winter deer, of course I wanted to watch summer deer. We understood that for this, at one point they had to go there several straight lines at once: we needed to get to the cereals at the moment when deer would come there for distillation to another pasture. It is impossible to predict it in principle, so we hoped for good luck.
Well, if you believe in something strongly, it will surely come true, and the most unexpected way.

Another core under the afar. From us it was on the other side of the river, and therefore I had to get out of them "Trecola" and stump legs.
Already on the approach to the plague, our company met guards – Olenegon Likes. I realized that we go with the good intentions of the dogs slightly lowered the volume of the luri, but still once again, apparently to maintain order, they spoke their weight "Gav" Exactly until the moment the hostess of plague did not meet us.
There is also a side of the village of Olennok, who, taking into account the strangers, quickly hid in the plague. Such deer, growing not in the overall herd, and near the plague called avki. Avki live almost in all families as pets, well, about how we have seals. I do not know how to choose a deer to such an honorable position, but this one was blind, perhaps it would regret it, realizing that in the general herd he would just not survive.

I got acquainted with the hostess, it turned out that her, like our winter hostess, the name of Ulyana, though this Ulyana is not Nenka, but a tantle.

And this is all Ulyanino family – seven children! The youngest only turned two years. According to Ulyana from May of the month we were the first people with "Big land" Who drove to visit them. And the first question was – do we have fresh bread with us?
Honestly, we surprised this question a little, but then everything became clear. The last time the products brought them just our driver Sasha in early May and naturally, fresh bread ended quickly, and then instead of bread – crackers. Promised to give them all the bread, which will remain, on the way back, and while children went to the Traclace for candy.

During the time we went for yummy, a herd came on the cable. That’s so everything came out at one point and our "Deer dreams" Furnished.
How I told me the owner of the herd, the deer returned to the cereals, whatever they go to a new pasture, and along with deer, men leave and live there in tents. And only when all the nearest feed places will be "Created" The core will come and move to a new place.

We noticed that deer got into a dense mass and run in a circle, as if pony in the circus arena. It turns out that they are saved from insects, who poison life not only to people, but also deer. Periodically, deer are changing in places and those who were inside find themselves outside.
Oleni round dance is also protection against attack predators. It only seems to be that chaos reigns in the herd, in fact, all the roles are very clearly distributed: in the center west, t.E. Women and children, adult bulls are moving around them, ready to fight back in case of attack on herd.

Why deer water dance

Video from the drone is possible not the best, for the toy bought right before departure and it is literally the third or four of our flight, but I wanted to show the flock from the height

I really wanted to approach and stroke the velvet deer horns, but the local deer of the semi-sidelines, they are not accustomed to a person, and therefore they are very frightened and we decided not to disturb them.

Walking us out Ulyana with children and husband and her neighbor in Elena’s ceremonies with her husband. Elena, children have already grown and dispersed, only the youngest son who is inherited and the rest of the flock will be passing, and the rest of the children (and her eight) have been educated and working in different cities.

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