Why Cuba called the "Island of Freedom"?

What do you associate the island of Cuba? Surely, this is a breeze of the Atlantic Ocean, beautiful beaches, a positive local population and a measured lifestyle under Spanish music and rum. And it is true! But it was not always so. A little more than half a century ago on this campaign wasland reigned a real totalitarian regime.

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Dictatorship began to flourish in Cuba after the Military leader Fulsencio Batist captured power, provoked several public coups and established mutually beneficial partnerships with the United States. For Americans, Cuba has opened a lot of opportunities for the development of the hotel and gambling business, the construction of roads and brothels. Despite large cash turns between the United States and Cuba, the quality of life of the local population only worsened. Putting on the Machinations of Batista constantly introduced new taxes and made changes to the Constitution. Statistics amaze – 90 percent of Cubans did not have access to medicine, thousands of people were without work and could not get an elementary education to write their name. Cuba has turned into an economic American colony. A good example of the power of the American mafia of those times can be seen in the film «Godfather – 2». In the same film, there is an interesting moment, where Michael Carleone is stirred by the increasing voltage of Cubans. His words about what the uprising will be prophetic.

The names of two people who ordered Cuba «Island of Freedom» Known to the whole world. it – Fidel Castro and Ernesto Che Guevara. The struggle for such a romantic name from revolutionaries and their like-minded people dragged into 7 long years.

Of course, the first attempts of the uprising were not crowned with success and were brutally suppressed. But hatred of the system’s destructive for the Motherland was stronger than fear and more and more Cubans joined the rebels. The movement was replenished by representatives of all the segments of the population from the poor peasants to the Communists and formed the army. On December 27, 1958, the decisive battle for the largest cubic cities began .She lasted 4 days and ended with a victory over totalitarianism. Fulchensio Batista, understanding his defeat, was forced to escape in Dominican, and 1958 and the truth became new in every sense for the Republic of Cuba.

At the moment, the standard of living in Cuba is still impossible to be called high. But the local population is impressive with his positive attitude, and continues to read and remember its liberators. On the island there is a state free education and medicine. Despite the fact that the choice of available drugs is quite modest, the Cubans are famous for their longevity and excellent health. There are no industrial production on the island, which provides excellent ecology and healthy natural food.

The days of the crime have long been behind, there are practically no crime, and in the last 20 years Cuba is a popular and safe direction for recreation. The flow of tourists is constantly growing, because this opportunity will enjoy the purest nature and to infect love for life from eternally renewing residents. And truth, why not visit this bright place with an interesting story? «Liberty Island» Always glad guests!

Why Cuba called the

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