Why go on Samui: 7 undeniable reasons

Samui – the second largest island in Thailand after Phuket. Among the locals, he is known with epithet "coconut". Indeed, on Samui a lot of coconut plantations. Before the arrival of tourism, the island lived due to the export of coconuts to other provinces of Thailand. The first tourists appeared on Samui in the 60s. Then there was no sensation on the island even. So far, Samui remained hidden from pryansky eyes.

Weather on Samui

The season in the south of the Siamese Bay differs from other regions. Best rest time from February to October. In November, December and January, the high probability of rains and waves on the sea. In these months, Samui areas can be healthy. Tourist areas are located perimeter of the island, and in the middle there is a mountain range. All water from the mountains rushes to the beaches. Several times we did our tourists on the boat on the main street of Chawenga. Otherwise, it was impossible to get to the hotel from the airport.

If November, December and January are the worst months on Samui, then February – transitional. Rains becomes noticeable less, but the sea can be waves. Year for a year not necessary, probability not to predict. And this is not the big waves that month earlier. You can swim, only water can be muddy. Northern and oriental Islands Beaches are most susceptible to monsoon winds in February. At the beginning of the month it is better to choose a hotel in the south or west of Samui. And already at the end of February and early March, boldly go to any coast.

Hotel – Bungalow on the shore

Samui – Leader in the number of hotels in the bungalop type on the seashore in comparison with Phuket and Pattaya. Housing on the island is presented under any budget. You can find bungalows for 10 dollars with a fan and a shared bathroom like New Hut Bungalow. Or settle in a luxury villa with your pool for several hundred dollars like Belmond Napasai. Lovers listen to the noise of the surf, sitting on the terrace of her house, Samui will fit perfectly.

More advantage of Samui – a lot of hotels located right on the beach. The development of the resort began even before the construction of roads, so the land on the coast remained owned by private owners. Near the beach are one-story building. According to the law of Samui hotels that are 10-50 meters from the beach, should not be higher than 6 meters, including a roof. Buildings, located on 50 meters build up to 12 meters high.

Island nightlife

Evening entertainment on Samui differ from that you will see on Phuket or in Pattaya. On Chawenge there are discos, show transvestites, bars and restaurants with live music. But this is not Patong or Pattaya, and even more Bangkok. Even carrot bars fully transmit an atmosphere of a leisurely island. There are no nightlife clubs on Samui, and reggae bar is one of the parties of the island, which was opened in the 80s.

Even fashionable beach clubs do not reach the phuket scale, where DJs and musicians from all over the world are brought. They are more suitable for day relaxes and a sunset meeting, like Nikki Beach Club. For active nightly parties until the morning, you should not go on my Samui, after two nights the island dies. Another format is popular here. Separate fun on Samui – Beach bars and cafes. You can stay on the mat or pillow, sitting by the ankle in the sand, and watch the show with the fire.

Full Moon Party on Pangan

All party members from Samui go to Phangan. Famous Full Moon Party are held every month on schedule. Travel agencies and hotels sell tickets to the island. 25 minutes on a high-speed boat – and you are in the heart of the party. On the beach Hat Rin Row, there are open-air bars with DJ turntables. Everyone comes from each other, trying to shout a neighbor.

People on the beach so much that the party resembles a foreign star concert. Some bars will organize a show with fire and dangerous games for drunk visitors: jump over the burning rope, cracking under a burning stick, pick up a pillar. For those who are tired of crazy parties, right on the sand organized a zone for sleep with mats. In addition to Full Moon Party, there are parties of the Black Moon and Half, they are less massive.

Quiet corner of tropical paradise

Due to the remoteness of the island from the main airports of Thailand on Samui, there are not many tourists even in the peak season. You can fly from Bangkok, Pattaya, Krabi or Phuket. Self-private airport of Samui owned by Bangkok Airlines. International flights are not so much: from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong and charters from China. Ticket prices are pretty expensive. For example, the flight Bangkok Samui or Phuket Samui costs 100-200 dollars.

Samui Airport is considered the most unusual in Thailand and has repeatedly entered the top of the best airports in the world of the online SMART Travel Asia. I caught him even before repair when I worked on the island guide. Then on the territory there were arbors with straw roofs, computers were standing in the open air, and there was no air conditioners at all. The airport is now a little renovated, leaving the unique atmosphere of the island.

Another connection with the mainland – ferry. The big ship sails on Samui from the pier of the DonSak one and a half hours. Local airport is located in the near city of Surathathani. Thai budget airlines you can buy a comprehensive ticket ticket from Bangkok, bus and ferry shuttle service. All the way will take 7-8 hours. Not every tourist is ready for such a long transfer. Therefore, there are no massive tourism on Samui. Popular beaches are not so crowded, like on Phuket or in Pattaya.

Attractions, Excursions and Secret Places

Why choose Samui - reasons for rest, why is the island of better and phuket guide in Thailand

Marine excursions on Samui not so much. Two most popular – ride on the boat on the Angong Reserve Marina Park and visiting the islands of Tao and Nang Yuan from the observation platform. I advise these places to visit. From additional excursions – cruise around the island of Phangan, diving, fishing. True, the Siamese bay on the beauty of the underwater world is inferior to the Andaman Sea.

The best way to explore the sights of Samui – rent a car and go to an independent trip. Temples, viewing platforms, waterfalls, secret Buddha Garden, Lost Sanctures, Museums, Wild Beaches – This is only part of popular places on the island.

On Samui a lot of free attractions, where you do not conduct excursions. Or places where you need to pay 20 baht. The central part of the island is covered with mountains. Roads are often very cool. I do not recommend renting a motorbike if you do not have experience. It is better to take a jeep or car on mechanics.

In recent years, several beautiful viewing platforms have opened on Samui to see. The most popular sights of Samui you will see on the sightseeing tour of the jeep. Temple of Big Buddha, Wat Play Lem, Stones Grandmother and Grandpa, Mummified Monk, Buddha’s Secret Garden, Namuang Waterfall and Animal Show – All this is shown in the program. From the active entertainment on the island you can visit the rope park, Pink Elephant Water Park, jump from Tarzanka, driving on karting or ride on quad bikes.

Holidays for the whole family

Sea, Sun and Sand – Basic Values ​​for family holidays on Samui. Lamai Beaches, Bophut, Menam and Chongmon are ideal for swimming children. On the one hand, a good sea, on the other hand, the infrastructure is near more or less developed. Chaweng is also good for recreation, just choose hotels in the south, where others are not so pronounced. Or stop on the beach of Chaweng Noah.

Children’s entertainment on Samui are not so numerous as on Phuket or in Pattaya. And they are more rustic. From interesting with children it is worth going to the water park PINK Elephant. I recommend to visit the contact zoo Paradise Farm, where Iguana live, rabbits, pigeons, sheep, ducks and other animals. You can visit tourist shows: monkeys, snakes, crocodiles.

If you want to ride the elephants, you need to go to the Campam near the Namuang waterfall. SAMUI ELEPHANT SANCTUARY Elephant Sanctuary is located on Samui. Only there on elephants do not ride, but are observing them in conditions approximate to natural. But the park butterflies do not advise, he is very small. Aquarium and tigrine zoo are also quite modest. Although the show will be interested in kids. If you were in Khao Keo or Safari Park, you should not go to the zoo.

Samui Island – Great Place for Relax and Escape from Megapolis. Beautiful beaches, clean sea, warm sea, delicious food, fresh fruit – this is the main currency of the village resort. If you bored sit under the palm tree, go to the maritime excursion or rent a jeep to explore the secret corners. Pleasant rest!

Why choose Samui - reasons for rest, why is the island of better and phuket guide in Thailand

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