Why go to Pattaya: 7 undeniable reasons

For several decades, the fishing village Pattaya turned into a popular resort, where millions of tourists go annually. Developed infrastructure, a large number of hotels and travel opportunities – these are the main reasons that attract people from around the world. Pattaya – a very comfortable Thai resort. The city is different from the islands of South Thailand. Thais from Bangkok love to come here to rest. I’ll tell you why you should choose Pattaya for vacation.

Weather in Pattaya

Unlike the climate of the islands, there are always smooth weather in Pattaya. The rainy season in this region is almost not expressed. Climate Soft: Air temperature All year + 26-30 degrees. Water in the sea is also distinguished by constant – + 27-28 degrees. The rainy season in Pattaya lasts from May to October and passes unnoticed. The precipitation is small, tropical showers go mainly in the evenings and at night. But there are no waves on the sea, like on island resorts.

In Pattaya, you can and need to come all year round. In winter, the number of tourists increases, but in the summer there are very few. In the season of rains from May to October, a huge amount of fruit for a penny appears in the Pattaya markets. At any month, the weather will please you, and the sea will remain warm.

Developed nightlife

Evening entertainment for adults in Pattaya above all praise. Such a variety of discos, go-go, bars and malic institutions you will not find in Thailand. Even Bangkok does not boast of full-fledged adult show. Discos with European music on Walking Street Neighboring with beer bars, where older gentlemen choose young companions.

Separately, the Boyz-Town Street is located, where transvestites are held, and other elderly gentlemen choose satellites. Nightlife in Pattaya does not quiet until the morning. For a long time the resort was the title of the city of sins. A few years ago, the government chose a family holiday rate. What does this mean? Night butterflies did not go anywhere, only the number of family entertainment has increased.

Inexpensive rest

Unlike other resorts, Pattaya can safely call the budget place to relax. The city envelops the Tuk-Tukov network for 10-20 baht. You do not have to spend money on a taxi, like on Phuket or Samui. Urban transport is very easy. You need to smear the hand and stop the Tuk-Tuk, and before your stop, click on the button.

Variety of food dots is huge. There are famous ruffle tops on the roofs with a gorgeous view, and the ecashnitsa on wheels along the roads. At every corner in Pattaya, something is prepared. It is impossible to stay hungry. You can dine from 100 baht per person. The choice of hotels varies from Guesthouses for 300-500 baht to fashionable "Pyaterok" With a huge territory. Pattaya is suitable for the budget tourist, and for the middle budget.

Activities and sights

If you are not used to lying on the whole holiday on the beach, Pattaya you are more than suitable. Many tourists prefer to leave the city to swim on the islands. The sea in the center of Pattaya does not suit swimming, but the rest of the beaches are relatively good. The best bathing beaches near the city – Military: Sai Keu and the beach of a dancing girl.

In Pattaya, a large selection of marine excursions in the islands. You can go on a catamaran in an incendiary cruise or go to the Lone Chang for a couple of days. Among the entertainment sites of Pattaya have a large number of parks: Nong Nuch tropical garden, Park Million Stones, Ramayana Water Parks and Cartoon Network, Tigrin Kingdom, Dolphinarium and Elephants Reserve. It will not be boring!

Historical excursions

Pattaya – a magnificent point for departure for historical excursions. In two hours of driving there is a capital of Thailand with the Royal Palace and various temples. The excursion program includes the largest skyscraper in Bangkok, where you can stroll through the glass floor, riding on the rice of the Caoplama Rice Barge with a dinner or visiting other attractions.

Why choose Pattaya - reasons for rest, why Pattaya is better than Phuket and Samui Guide in Thailand

Fans of antiquities Pattaya offers an excursion to the ancient capital of Siam – Ayuttheyu. The dilapidated temples of the once prosperous city will tell amazing stories. From Pattaya you can go on a two-day excursion to Angkor. The heritage of the Khmer Empire annually attracts millions of visitors. It was there that filmed a film about Laru Croft. Stone temples shrouded in the roots of trees, remember all the fans of Angelina Jolie.

Entertainment for children

Pattaya is not only nightlife. In the city and surrounding the large number of entertainment for children. If you are going to rest in Thailand with children, it is in Pattaya you will have the opportunity to show all the variety of flora and fauna of the tropics. Go to one of the open zoos – Kho Kheu or Safari Park, visit the oceanarium or aquarium of monsters, feed the animals on one of the sheep farms.

There are many museums in the city where you can think through the whole family. Museum of Bears, Optical Illusions in the 3D Museum, Ice Town, Inverted House – Here is an incomplete list of interesting places. And of course, in Pattaya many restaurants in our and European cuisine. You will always find where to feed your child.


Infrastructure for shopaholics is developed more than. Shopping Centers Terminal 21, Central Marina and Central Festival – Best City Stores. Pattaya has more than 20 markets in different parts of the city. Find souvenirs and native gifts will not be labor.

Pattaya – a comfortable city for wintering. Find our products like sour cream, cottage cheese, rippy, buckwheat, bread, lighter easy. They are sold in some stores along with imported goods. Many people choose Pattaya for 2-3 months of rest in winter.

As you can see, in Pattaya Mass plus for rest. Sea and beaches in the city itself are not the best in Thailand. If your priorities are swimming and relaxing on the beach, it is worth choosing Phuket or Samui.

Why choose Pattaya - reasons for rest, why Pattaya is better than Phuket and Samui Guide in Thailand

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