Why China is called “Middle Kingdom”?

«Holidays in Podnebyne», «Products from Podnebyne», «Power Supplement» – The use of such phrases instead of the official name of the People’s Republic of China or China in our-speaking media and Runet meets everywhere.

What does the word mean «Incidental» in this context – The riddle that we will try to solve here.

You should begin with the peculiarities of perception by the Chinese of the outside world and understanding them of their role and their place in this world. Perception is significantly different from the European.

Sky, by Chinese beliefs, the highest divine power and the source of life on earth. The Chinese emperor worshiped as the son of the sky and the performer of his will. Residence, or Yard of the emperor, in Chinese ideas – the center of the whole land, and the power of the emperor applies to everything that is under the sky.

Classical Chinese philosophy under the term «Middle Empire» It implies civilization in general, the world order, installed and supported by the power of the emperor. Wherein «Middle Empire» considered both the territory controlled by the dynasty and the land of non-resident, populated «barbarians».

It should be understood simplified: everything under the sky – «Middle Empire», Supless China Emperor. And the word translates «Incidental» (Tysenya) from Chinese exactly as follows: Tian (Heaven) and Xia (below).

Why China is called

All arriving in Beijing tourists will definitely offer an excursion to the temple of the sky – The main thing in the Chinese capital is a cult factor. The temple is striking by the beauty and wealth of architecture, it was created in the XV century and very much we read with modern Chinese, although the official ideology in the country – Communist and atheistic. Apparently, it is very important for the Chinese to feel under the auspices of the sky, even in a market economy…

As for the use of the word «Incidental» as synonym «China», then the only country where it is used in this meaning is Russia. Why – Exact answer to this question does not exist. Can only assume that it – Poetic liberty of domestic journalists.

In confirmation, you can give examples with other countries; England – «Foggy Albion», Japan – «Country of the Rising Sun», Finland – «Country Suomi», Austria – «Alpine Republic».

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