Why cats wash the cats?

Cats were known in the ancient world. Thus, during the excavations of Jericho, the remains of cats who lived in the VI-V millennia were found. NS. It is believed that they were not yet completely home. In Egypt, they lived from the IV century to. NS. and very highly appreciated. Mummy cats are found in the pyramids, and whom did not put in the pyramids. In Europe, cats are known from the I century n. NS. They got there through Greece and Italy and were valued very high. For example, in Britain in the XI-XII centuries, transactions are recorded when a cat was included in the list of property when selling a farm. Have been in Europe and persecution on cats as representatives of unclean power.

On the territory of Russia, the cat appeared at the beginning of the XI century and quickly took an important place in a person’s life – a lot of customs are connected with her, believes and will accept. In the XIV century, the abduction of the cat was supposed to give three hryvnia, while the stallion is only one. For the dog, however, three hryvnia was also required.

Why cats wash the cats

People always paid attention that the cat loves to wash. She does this for a natural reason: the cat is a clean animal, and licking its skin, including body massage – an integral part of cat behavior. Sometimes cats are even assembled on neutral territory and lick each other, say head or neck, that is, the places inaccessible to the "sanitary processing" of the cat. It turns out such a social action. But there are a few more reasons why cats are washed. For example, they are sensitive to weather change and worry on the day before, so the corresponding sign arose. By the signs of the Japanese, the cat washed to the rain. And in our – it’s also to the snow.

Nowadays, animals in cities have reached a number comparable to human. Therefore, we want or not, we actually establish social relationships with cats, dogs and among themselves about cats and dogs. People with homemade pets in general have a good relationship. Most often they love them and take care of them. There is even a manufacturing industry for them accessories, food, dishes, clothes. And you can laugh at it, but cats and dogs living in the city with people need special food and hygienic procedures. However, life with people can also serve as one of the reasons why the cat is washed. As Margaret Restrister from the US veterinary service, cats wash … from stress. Stress can be caused by various reasons, for example, the arrival of guests. Hence the corresponding sign, the same, by the way, in Russia, and in Japan. Stress can be caused by displeasure and reprimand of the owner, fright, unsuccessful actions, some source of voltage. Therefore, the owner of the cat should be glanced, whether it is often washed, and not only to die, but also be sure to deal with.

Why cats wash the cats

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