Why cats are afraid of cucumbers

Video "Cats and cucumbers" on the Internet instantly become viral. The owners from all over the planet are put on the back of their pets vegetables, while those eaten, and suggest cameras. The reaction of cats on cucumbers cost thousands likes. But why is it still going?

Scientists believe that the case is not at all that cats are afraid of cucumbers. If you put a banana, zucchini or other extended subject, the reaction will be the same. One of the most popular explanations – snake. This version shares zoopsychologist Jill Goldman, specializing in the behavior of cats and dogs. She explains the reaction of cats on the cucumber by the fact that the snakes are one of the biggest dangers that we sleaking the cats before they were domesticated by a person. (Read our article about how this happened and how other animals have been domesticated.)

However, a veterinarian, and zoopsychologists felinologist Angelina Sirotina sure that cats are afraid of cucumbers are not so. According to her, the animal is guided not only by sight, but on the other senses, and if behind the enemy appeared, it would certainly smell it and turned. Otherwise, the cats simply would not have survived. Therefore, fear is extended to objects they do not have. Especially since there is no fear just before cucumbers. Just the one who first decided to put a similar experiment, the arm was caught cucumber. In its place could well be, for example, eggplant, and then in the trailers have figured it.

Imagine you finish drinking the tea, you turn around and you see right in front of a huge stuffed mouse!

Angelina Sirotina notes that the reason lies not in the object, and in the circumstances in which the cat is facing him. Cats are afraid of cucumbers? Not at all. "A cat caught unawares. She has focused on a completely different and no catch is not expected, and there is something strange: she suddenly shoved a cucumber. The sudden appearance of the object can scare any other animal, and the dog, too. And even a man "- said felinologist. In the skit "cat and cucumber" might well imagine and other participants.

British expert on animal behavior Roger Mugford also believes that reason is a surprise and the pet can be frightened not only cucumber or a banana, but also plastic fish, masks or any other unfamiliar objects. And the form is not to blame. Cats in general are wary of anything new, and cucumbers on the floor usually do not roll. It is not surprising that the cat is afraid of cucumber. Such a reaction – reflex to something new. It notes and Jill Goldman. She believes that to evaluate the potential danger is much easier and safer in the distance. Therefore cats first jump, and then understand that it appeared here. (And by the way, how funny cats neither bounce, they always land confidently. On this occasion, scientists also conducted an experiment and told why cats always land on all four paws.)

Why cats are afraid of cucumbers

Some owners persistently try to prove that the reaction of the animal is directly related to the nationality of the Kotowel

Another version why cats are afraid of cucumbers: For animals, the place of food intake is the comfort zone, As explained by Pham Johnson-Bennet, the author of the book "Think like a cat". And in the video hosts put a vegetable just during food. Now imagine: you will finish tea, turn and see right in front of yourself a huge plush mouse! It is possible that you also bounce, and, by the way, the mouse may be real! By the way, do you know why cats bring the masters caught mice?

At the same time, not all cats are frightened by cucumbers, and some owners persistently try to prove that the reaction of the animal is directly related to the nationality of the Kotowel. They say, our cats cucumbers are not afraid. But Angelina Sirotina believes that the case is in susceptibility: the emotionally animal, the more violent its reaction will be. Someone can jump from surprise and run away, clogging under the sofa, and someone will start learning finding with interest. So the funny videos and requests on the Internet appear: how cats are afraid of cucumbers.

Experts agree on one thing: similar experiments are large stress for pets, and contact them inhumanly. And instead of cruel experiments, it is better to show some strangers to them, helping to study the world.

Why cats are afraid of cucumbers

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