Why cats always land on four paws?

Stretching time, we can see in detail how the coup. Flawless. And landing for four paws. That’s just completely incomprehensible, but at the expense of which it happens?

First, as a cat understands, in which direction it is turned over? For this, a well-developed vestibular apparatus is responsible for. Indeed, all cats know how to jump perfectly. So, nature itself has created a receptor in the inner ear, which will always unmistakably tell me, in what position they are relative to the ground. Secondly, if you see how the abrupt and ordinary cat turns over, it can be seen that the first all movements do more vigorously. And barely managed to turn over before landing. It means that everything is in movements. Only any?

Why cats always land on four paws

What makes any cat during fall is called a scientific "Rotation around the center of mass". Animal presses the front paws and begins to turn the top of the body. The rear paws are elongated for the entire length. Then everything is in reverse order. The front paws are pulled out, and the rear is pressed, and the lower part is rotated.

That is, the whole secret is in the position of the paw. Pulling and pressing them, cats change the center of one’s own mass. If the front paws are fastened – the upper part of the body can rotate freer than the rear. And vice versa. And before landing, pulling all the paws, the cat just shoes rotation.

Why cats always land on four paws

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