Why canyon sumidero need to look from the ground and from the water?

You know, Mexico is so different… She is not at all like the wild desert, where one cactus and spines survive. But it turns out, many exactly this and imagine. Yes, there are deserts here, yes cacti at least cut, but it is only a small part. We have almost four months before our eyes, bright pictures of cozy colonial cities flashed, ancient mysterious pyramids, unrealistic natural beauty and magnificent beaches.

Just on the latter, we spent the whole past week. Footed-turned on the beaches of Puerto Escondido and Puerto Angel Widow. Even tanned a little, now they are not so high in the crowd of Mexicans. Although no, stand out, they still stare, smile, shine.

Where is next? Further decide to visit in Chiapas.

According to Mexicans themselves Chiapas – One of the most beautiful states in the country. Nature, say very pretty. No, we just do not believe that we believe, we need to check everything, but you yourself will make sure. With this thought we leave the sultry Puerto Escondido and go to Town-Gutierres (TUXTLA GUTIERREZ).

Early in the morning the bus spits us on the bus station. I will not describe how a few hours with backpacks by shoulders we spend in search of housing. But I will say that during which time we manage to notice that the city is completely uncomfortable, gray, noisy and little interesting. Well, okay, we did not come here for the city.

And for what, ask you? Pa-Bam! Here it comes the most interesting! Not far from the Town-Gutierres there are no, no miracle of nature – Canyon Sumidero or Canyon del Sumidero (CAñYon Del Sumidero) who likes more. That’s where we and you need. You can see the canyon from the water, riding on the boat and from the ground, that is, from above, walking around the viewing grounds. Imagine that comprehensive acquaintance.

Excursion for the Canyon Sumider on the boat

What to lose time for free, right now and go to ride a boat. Five times asking passersby, how to go to the library, oh, on the bus station, finally find it. Sit into the bold life of the bus and rush, or rather, jumping on the bumps towards a small town Chiapa de Corso (Chiapa de Corzo).

Arrived. Only the foot touched the earth, a passage of travel agency with multi-colored booklets. They know that they know why a tourist goes here. It means then everything will be script «Hello Money». From the first outstand, we go to look at the central square of Chiapa. Cute, cozy, provincial.

The couple of minutes does not pass, fits the second Amigo:

– Boat (La Lancha) in Sumider Canyon?

We still kept the hope that we melt on board the vessel, bypassing the travel agency we unlosely, but the hope became the less than the most confident the arrows on the clock moved from noon. Probatoko two hours, time for maneuvers almost never remained.

– MMMM, – We are standing and we mean andriusix.

The guy goes into the offensive:

– If you don’t swim now, you can not float anywhere at all. The next boat is unknown when.

According to him, it seems that she is generally next year. Hears the setting, a gangster. OK OK.

– How much is tour?
– 160 peso with man.
– And in time, how much will we ride?
– Two hours.
– OK, I’m going.

We run all three in the office, we are taking place by tickets, put in a carriage with other tourists and carry on the ferry. We do to rescue vests – Now we are bright and noticeable from afar. It is rumored that vests began to hand out after one of the tourists drowned in the green waters of the Grichalva River, which flows along the bottom of the canyon. I don’t know how it happened…

From the second attempts sit down with Andrews in the first row (from the previous boat, we were asked to go away, it turned out, was not ours… and said the last.. Oh well). Places for kisses do not interest us, it is necessary that the review is good.

Three, two, one, motor! RDRR, thugged the boat and after a few seconds we rush on a rabid speed, cutting water in two.

Oh, look, bridge! Greater… On him we drove on the bus in Chiapa de Corso. Our navigator is also a part-time guide. Ether, of course, in Spanish. Something is understandable, but not all, for the wind whistles in the ears, the boat buzzes and the horn of the guide is not. Already then I read that it was Bridge Belisario Dominguez PUENTE BELISARIO DOMINGUEZ).

We recruit the speed, the trees rush past, the slopes of the canyon are becoming higher and higher. Wind trepot hair and tie into the eyelashes nodules. We have to overcome thirty kilometers. If we rush so, I will cope quickly.

And suddenly propelled, the boat slows down sharply, makes some incredible phint and freezes on the spot. What? What? Everyone clap eyes and looks blankly. Suddenly someone’s worst shouting: «Codright. » Aah, that’s what’s the matter – crocodile! Exactly, he is warm on the shore. I heard in this river a lot. I do not feel swimming)) or you insist?

We start the engine, fly further. Another stop – This time we consider some birds. Griffs seem to. Actually, it would be possible to stop more often, I can really take a picture of even nothing.

See, the canyon is becoming more beautiful and more beautiful with each meter. Head has to raise all higher and higher. Stone walls clamp a boat on both sides.

They say, at the highest point, the depth of the canyon reaches a kilometer. To be honest, it is hard to believe, but the scale is impressive. Just imagine how much time all these rocks were formed – Millions of years! Scary thinking.

Throughout the trip does not leave the feeling that something similar we have already seen. But where? Oh yes! Vietnamese there Kok. I remember, there was very cold and uncomfortable. In the sumider, too, not too sunny, a gloomy day today, but it’s not cold, and even in the vests.

Why canyon sumidero need to look from the ground and from the water

Oh, it seems, I begin to peck nose… Night in the bus or something affects? Or prieucous-outer? Yeah, boat excursion occupation is not the most dynamic. Regular stop – Something interesting is shown. Quite by the way, comrade guide, otherwise I really got.

Wow, look, in a cave in a small niche quenched a chapel with Virgin Mary Guadeloop. She here seems to be in honor of the uncle, thanks to the efforts of which Sumidero became the National Park.

At the Sumider Park in general, there are big plans for the great world of this: they are going to share it on thematic areas, create all sorts of amenities for tourists, increase the stream of visitors by all. I feel, there will be another pop place here.

The navigator rods for gas, and the boat rushes further.

VJZH, BERV! Stop. I present to your attention a business card Canyon Sumidero – waterfall «Christmas tree» (Arbol de Navidad) or simply «Yelochka». I think you should not explain why it is so called. Jet of water, falling down, formed such interesting growths. Oh, sorry, there are no silver water streams falling from above, so it would probably be pretty. Can be seen.

Well, friends, here is the finish – Dam Chicoassen (Chicoasen) and monument to its builders.

Aaaa, it’s not all! Wow, tricky, set up another attraction – Stop next to the store-shop. No, I do not mind, but prices – Robbers! How much, say, for a jar of Coca-Cola? 40 Pesos? Robbery and provocation.

Ten to fifteen minutes we go on the way back. Swim quickly, with a breeze. Begins to look out the sun and the surrounding landscapes become more juicy and bright.

Under the curtain – Another stop with a demonstration of two minutes of unhurried crocodile life. It seems that he is plastic, no emotions. En-no! Wilted the tail, looked hungry eyes toward the boat and dived into the water. A couple of times, someone frightenedly screamed and the boat is already rushing further, leaving the finish line.

That’s all, moored to the shore. We rent an ammunition, load in minivan, and he delivers us Rovenko there, where he took.

Walk through the Chiapa Square? A couple of minutes is possible. Condition a little spoiled, I want to sleep – Sunbathing and Relaxed, Wind Ubaul.

At the square are preparing for some kind of event: installed the scene, microphones check: «UNO, Dos, Tres, Uno, Dos, Tres…» Gifts are some worthwhile, lottery or what are going to play. No, we will not wait, we will go back to the tox.

We climb into the first ribbon and soon arrive in the city.

Think about it all, say goodbye to Sumider Canyon? Did not guessed! Tomorrow we go to watch it from above. Something tells me that in such angle he looks much more interesting. You are with us?

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