Why canyon sumidero need to look from the ground and from the water? Part 3

To get from Puerto Escondido to the Town-Gutierres, you can use the company of the OSS bus, which we have done. Went for a night crossing, as you go about 12 hours. We left at 21:30, about 9:00 were in the Castle. The ticket is not cheaper – 532 Pesos, our discount coupons turned out to 500 pesos per person (so do not forget about the coupons for a 10% discount on the next trip, if you use ADO and OCC buses). Coupons are printed directly on the boarding pass, so do not throw them out after the trip and do not wrap in them cheer.

The article about Puerto Escondido has a card on which the location of the bus station is marked.

Attention! Buses are very cold! If this is not critical to close distances, then the night crossing may seem a nightmare. The temperature is adjusted to + 16-18 degrees, plus the air conditioner constantly blows. Little pleasant. Take warm things and something on your head, if you do not want to earn a cold.

How to get to the Town-Gutierres from Oaxaca

From Oaxaca to Toustlu-Gutierrez, you can take everything on the same OCC or ADO Gold bus (if you are ready to pay more). The ticket costs 494 pesos, on ADO on one hundred peso more expensive, but probably, cookies give the road)) go 9-10 hours. Do not forget about warm things!

In the article about Oaxaca there is a map where the location of the bus station is marked.

Bus schedule and prices can be viewed on this site.

How to get to Canyon Sumidero

How to get into the Canyon Sumidero from the Custo to ride a boat

First of all, you need to get from the Town Gutierres to the town of Chiapa de Corso (Chiapa de Corzo). Minibuses and 2 class buses are sent in this direction from the bus station ANDADOR SAN ROQUE(its location is marked on the map below). Fare: on a minibus – 10 pesos, by bus-peso. Ride 20-30 minutes. Travel runs from five in the morning to ten in the evening.

In Chiapa de Corso, you will be planted opposite the central square. About where and how to look for a boat, you can not worry, you will immediately run on brave well done from the travel agency and start swinging in front of the bowls with pictures from the canyon. Since we arrived in Chiape for an hour for two days, the guy began to scare us that if we don’t go now, we will never go (more precisely, not today). Familiar divorce, but we had a reason for excitement, I wanted to have time. Voiced offer: 160 Pesos per person in two hours of boat riding on the canyon in the company Another 38 tourists. Standard option.

It is said that in the same boat you can get into the travel agency, but I do not know whether it will be easier and cheaper. I know one thing that all the boats and people see by us subsequently – Members of one sect, or rather one agency – Grijalva.

We agreed to surrender to this agency. The guy took us to the office where we purchased tickets. Then we were planted with other tourists to the minivan and taken to the marina. Gifted there with rescue vests and sat in a boat. We struggled to grasp the front places, and it seems, not in vain, it opens the most visor look and the most convenient to photograph.

Boats run from 9:00 to 16:00.

How much time to put on the water trip on the Sumider canyon?

The boat walk lasts two hours, the whole trip overall as a whole, daisies and expectations will take hours four plus-minus half an hour.

How to get to the viewing sites (Miradora) Canyon Sumidero from the Toe

First option: by car. By car from the city you need to go out in the northeast direction on the road Calzada Al Sumidero. I don’t know all the details, since we do not use the machine, but I think drivers will understand. Just keep in mind that for walking on water and earth to the canyon you need to seal from completely different sides.

Second option: on tourism. From the toys from the square of Marimba daily twice a day, tourist buses are sent (tourist). We did not recognize the schedule with a reliably, but if you believe Lonely Planet (but not to believe there is no reason), they drive off at 9:00 and 13:00, provided that passengers are more than five people. And the inspection options canyons are offered the most diverse: about 100 pesos – with Mirador, for 250 pesos – From the boat (the cost includes the boat and the road there, back), for 350 pesos you will roll all day and show the canyon and from the ground, and from the water.

Third option: by taxi. We took advantage of this option, only in a truncated form: I got to the very far Miradora and let go of a taxi driver. In the opposite direction went on foot with access to viewing platforms.

Taxi costs back with expectation until you watch all five Miradors – 500 peso (I think the bargaining is appropriate, you can try to throw up to 400). Travel one way to Far Miradora – 150 Peso (although it was originally announced 250 peso). In the opposite direction you can move on foot (like us) or catch the travelers.

Fourth option: on a collateral (minibus). This is not a completely full option, rather a half, as the result goes only to the central entrance to the park. We took advantage of such a route on the way back to get from the park to the city center. Fare – 6 pesos.

When choosing this option, in the park you can try to move on the travelers. How much all this will take time and forces, one Virgin Mary is known.

By the Park itself, the Sumidero public transport does not go.

How much is the entrance ticket to the Canyon del Sumidero National Park

Theoretically 28 peso or so. Why theoretically? Because we did not pay for the entrance. Senor at the entrance asked where we and, hearing that from Russia, said to pass for free. What a joke we did not understand, but did not argue))

Hours Sumidero National Park

I don’t know the official exact time. We visited a taxi in the park at about 9:30 pm, went out of it on foot at 16:30. Machines in the opposite direction still rushed. I can assume that up to 18:00 per park you can get.

Where we lived in a touter-gutierres

Housing in the club had to look in place. In advance nothing suitable for booking did not find any.COM nor on airbnb. The search has become complicated by the fact that cheap housing (about 300 pesos, and better less) in a cup for a few hours of wandering around the city managed to find a bit, and the one that was found for some reason turned out to be without hot water. Us (first of all me) this option was not very satisfied. All is well: the room is large, then there is, the price is suitable, but there is no hot water. First faced Mexico with hot water hotels.

After long searching stayed in the room Hotel Casablanca, Located next to the Central Park. Two-room number with a private bathroom (with hot water) and the Internet costs 273 peso. Everything would be nothing, but the room is very small, there was not even a room about the presence of a table, he simply would not fit there. Bed, niche cabinet and two tiny bedside glass table. Everything! For short stay a la «Just spend the night» Complete.

Gradually, the number of options offered on airbnb grows, so it is quite possible to try to use this service. For those who are not familiar with Eirbnb – This is a resource on which the owners offer to rent their housing (rooms, apartments, houses). We have already found excellent accommodation there in terms of price and quality ratio. Below the most appropriate sections of the site:

Going on the last link, you will be taken to the section where all the accommodations offered at Airbnb will be collected in Mexico. There you can enter the title of the city in the upper left corner, which is interested, and get a sample of housing based on it, plus there is an opportunity "Play" With other parameters to choose the options as suitable for personal requests (the picture is increasing):

Details on the operation of the Airbb service and order of booking, as well as $ 20 bonus on the first booking (for unregistered users), look for in my article article. There are reviews and links to specific rooms and apartments that we rented Andrews.

In addition, there is a general article – How to find housing in a journey that can also come in handy.

Map with Town-Gutierres and surroundings

Sumider Park Scheme

List of attractions and objects of Town-Gutierrez and surroundings marked on the map

  • Botanical Museum (Museo Botanico)
  • Zoo (Zoologico Miguel Alvarez Del Toro)
  • Cathedral of Tuxtla Gutierrez)
  • Museum of Marimba (Museo de la Marimba)
  • Madero Park (Parque Madero)
  • Marimba Park (Parque Jardin de la Marimba)
Why canyon sumidero need to look from the ground, and from water part 3

Canyon del Sumidero

  • Chiapa de Corso (Chiapa de Corzo)
  • Canyon del Sumidero National Park (Canyon Del Sumidero)
  • Mirador La Atalaya (La Chiapa)
  • Mirador El Tepehuaje
  • Mirador El Roblar
  • Path to Miradore El Roblar
  • Mirador La Coyota
  • Mirador La Ceiba
  • Path to reduce the path
  • Tropic – exit


  • Hostal Tres Central
  • Hotel El Roble
  • Hotel Esponda
  • Hotel Tuchtlan
  • Our accommodation: Hotel Casablanca


  • Market November 20 (Mercado "20 de noviembre")
  • Market Diaz Ordas (Mercado Gustavo DíAZ ORDAZ)
  • Nouveau Market (Mercado Nuevo)
  • San Juan Market (Mercado San Juan)
  • Market Sinko de Mayo (5 de mayo)


  • Autheustened class 2 class (Terminal de Tuxferencia de Tuxtla)
  • 1st grade bus station (OCC Terminal)
  • Avtostania Andador San Roque (collateral in Chiapa de Corzo)
  • Minibuses in San Cristobal (Omnibus de Chiapas for San Cristobal de Las Casas)

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Sasha 08.06.2014

Canyon from the ground is gorgeous 🙂

Sheboldasik 08.06.2014

And do not say, Sashkes! They themselves out of such beauty)) It is good that we went from the top to walk, and then tourists mostly only on the boat on the canyon ride.

Olga 22.01.2015

Zhanna Good Day! From the San Cristobal go buses to Chiapa de Corso?

Sheboldasik 22.01.2015

Olga, buses can be found here http: // www.Ticketbus.Com.MX /. Most likely, after all, you will have to get to the tox, and from there already in Chiapa. Because Chiapa is a small town, it is unlikely that long-distance buses ride. From the toes to him twenty minutes.

Olga 23.01.2015

And where I will come to the Castle, from the same station to search buses to Chiapas?

Sheboldasik 23.01.2015

Olga, it all depends on where you come from and on which bus. Look at the map at the end of the article, there are all bus station and bus stations with minibuses. You can click on "Open a big map (Google Maps)" And there everything look.

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good day! Your reports are just super, thank you very much!

Such a question: in some places I stumble on the information that in addition to the board at the entrance to the national park, where the barrier must be paid on every look point. Have not seen this?

Irishka, good afternoon. Pay only once in the entrance. And what has shown our experience is not always;)

Irishka 06.02.2015

Natalia 19.07.2015

Good day. In methods "Edema" To viewing sites you have an option with tourist buses and the price of 100 peso without a boat. Do not know, it is in both directions or only there? And if in both, then how many bus goes back?

Sheboldasik 19.07.2015

Natalia, Hello. As I already wrote, we ourselves did not use the tourist. Apparently, this cost is back, t.E. In general, for the tour (they will not give up you at the end of the way, especially, given that there is no public transport there). Prada, Taka cost was over a year ago, now, most likely, more expensive, maybe 150 peso. How much tour lasts in time I do not know, you will simply be transported on all Miradora and will be brought back to the city. On the observation deck, I think, will give time to look around and take photos – as usually happens in organized tours.

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