Why canyon sumidero need to look from the ground and from the water? Part 2

Weather for today: salt + clouds + rain. Wow ratty mixture. We risk stroll? Of course, especially since Yandex.The weather has recently been safely deceived. Jump into my pants, breakfast and go outdoors. Sun and Clean Sky – Great start of the day.

After short reflections on the eve, they folded two plus two and decided to go to Sumidero National Park Parque Nacional CañYon Del Sumidero) by taxi. Action Plan: to get to the very far Miradora, and from there walk on foot to the exit from the park, peering on the viewing platforms. Everything is simple and understandable.

Stop the elegant wave of the hand of the first taxi driver.

– Buenas Diaz, Senor! We need to in the Park Sumidero, on Mirador La Chiapa. How much it costs to get there?

Pensively raises eyes to the sky and issues:

I already had a breath.

– Wow! This is sooo expensive!
– Well, it is necessary to get there, then another five Miradors drive, I will wait for you, then back.
– NOTE, we need only to bring to the last and all. From there we want to stroll. Ourselves.

Long thought and consumed.

– Two hundred fifty pesos.
– All the same is expensive.
– Nuuu, two hundred!
– No, Senor, let’s 150?
– Two (rapid tone)
– Thank you, we still pretext.
– Okay, let’s go (or so sadly said, whether it was annoyed).
– In one hundred fifty to last Miradora?
– Yes.

Fine! Agility of hands and no deception. I think they agreed well. Jump in the car. Tyrk-Pyrek – Let’s leave the city. I donate before entering the park, where you need to pay for the entrance. The barrier rises, the uncle comes up to us, looks into the opening window and asks:

– Good morning! Where are you from?
– From Russia.
– Drive, pass! Do not pay
– .
– Have a nice day!

Andriusix looked around, shrugged, pleased, on tom and calmed down.

Over the barrier begins the wriggling cheerful mountain road. For half an hour, our Schumacher Domed to Far Miradora. Oh, it’s good that you have arrived, otherwise torture.

– Goodbye, Senor!
– Have a nice day!

Already we will try to be good! Ahead waiting for us Five viewing sites (Miradores) and almost twenty kilometers of way.

Mirada La Chiapa (La Atalaya)

For us first, and relative to the beginning of the park – last Mirador la chiapa or La Atalaya. Came up, looked over the edge of a low fencing and saw exactly what they wanted to see. So what are you beautiful, Canyon Sumidero! That’s where it is necessary to look for the scale and feeling of height.

While they got, the sky began to gather tuchci. Deceptive them: now look beautiful, white and fluffy, and ten minutes will be tightened with a gray blanket and forgive bright colors. Eh, changeable weather and we are not domineed over it. The main thing is that there was no rain.

Voiro downstairs buried the first boats, tourists visiting the impressions. Yesterday we were there, today someone else. How many views, interesting, already imprinted on the slopes of the canyon?

Eh, friends, what is beautiful, though? What scope! So spin in the head of the word: «From what i’m not a bird? Why I do not fly?»

Running forever I will say that the view from this Miradora is the most chic. No wonder he is at the end of the way as the reward for the path. It’s not about us like people, so lunch started with dessert.

Mirador El Tepehuaje

We go out on the road and on a rovynee asphalt with a cheerful yellow separation strip to the city in the direction of the city. In general, more and nowhere to stall, the road is one, the only one. Less than ten minutes see branch left. She attached the second Mirador El Tehoeuah.

The table with the description claims that from this Miradora we will see the slopes with a height of 1000 meters and rich vegetation, in the wilds of which the spidermann monkeys. That would be at least the edge of the eye on them to see!

The first and second we saw, but the monkeys did not happen to watch. It’s a pity…

By the way, the view is not very different from the one that opens from the first place.

Viewing platforms pure and neat. Plates there and Syam are asked not to sit on the edge, and even more so do not walk on it to avoid unplanned flights.

Mirador El Roblar

Before Miradora El Roblar go a little longer, forty minutes, and maybe an hour. Stepping along the road, rare cars pass by, someone waves hands, someone is just surprised at two nuts tourists.

Higher blue butterflies fly everywhere, the birds are twisted from everywhere and whistle poultry, the cicadas make a heartbreaking cry. We met with one beauty in Monte Alban closer, they learned there that these are cicadas (Las Cigarras).

Go-go, op – Playground with a shop, the only park, where you can buy something to drink. Although, on the last Miradore, there is also a store, but it seems, there are some souvenirs (or I considered it inattentively).

We buy orange juice, two apples and go through the arrow, reporting that to the observation deck 700 meters along a neat paved path.

Landscapes already familiar seems to be nothing more than new we will not see. But still rush to the distance in the distance, and all this beauty like hypnotizes, I want to watch, see, light.

Oh, but also new entertainment – manage to take a picture of the griff. Big, scary birds. Circling, circling over the abyss, looking out for something. Maybe just wings kneading or fly because you can fly. Fifteen minutes and we look at the Pirouettes secreted in the air. So it seems now to be flown, grab the cap and take off in.

For the fence, crowds of some big humpback ants are crawling, and maybe it’s not ants at all. Also live, do something diligently, somewhere run. It is also good that they do not bite tourists.

Boats at the bottom buzzing, paint patterns on the water. From the water, by the way, the viewing platforms are not visible at all, no one can guess that there is something there.

The sky is becoming less and less friendly. It’s time to move on, that looked back.

Mirador La Coyota

After half an hour turned out to be on Miradore la Coyota. Unnoticed dining hour, visitors became noticeable more. That and the point approached, drove cars, motorcycles and bicycles. Here for the first time in four months of stay in Mexico heard our speech – Two men, our compatriots came out of one of the cars. We did not get into the interlocutors, but their dialogue was heard.

Suitable with an important kind of fence:

– What do you think what is the height?
– Six hundred meters.
– Yeah, six hundred.

– Well, let’s go further.
– Go.

Why canyon sumidero need to look from the ground, and from the water part 2

And how to stand, feel, pee? Eh, Nafanya… And so most: run out of the car, make a couple of pictures and run away. Don’t even try to comprehend, and even more remember what they see. What for? There are photos.

The booth with information about Miradore reports that Ocelot is found somewhere around?), whitewate deer, all the same spine-shaped monkeys and a lot of other living things. At least one who will seem? Although, a little early, walking on the road, saw how in the distance, someone overwhelmed her – Someone on four paws and long tail. Perhaps a monkey, maybe Ocelot (I don’t know how it looks).

And now, friends, we will have a real march! You know how much you need to go to the next Miradora? Kilometers of soak nine! Ty, nonsense, we love to walk. Now the cloud-clouds are very, even by the way, it will not be so hot to march along a gray ribbon. Maybe you have to drive to anyone? This one does not want to stop, the car is full of people… Ah, oh, well, you yourself!

– Look, path!
– Let’s try to cut down?
– Of course! Look, it is even written that you can drive on the bike.

Confident such a walkway goes left. Through a couple of hundred meters, it becomes less confident, then alone remains alone with any signs that the man’s leg went here. This is where the poor cyclists are sent, interesting?

Grabbing the barns, return back to the roadway. And ahead there is such a stupid hook of the road a few kilometers, so I want to cut it. And voila! Another signpost on a path, maybe this time lucky?

Step, two, three, ten – Excellent holopan walkway. Hooray! Around full-fully unknown plants. Go, under your feet something crunches, birds will be blown around, someone buzzes over the ear, right as in the campaign. I remember many of them we had in the Kaluga region.

The path helped significantly approach the goal. Another couple kilometers and we are in place.

Mirador La Ceiba

Well, not quite tired? It seems that the second breathing has opened. Go down the steps on Mirador la Seba.

Mmm, some interesting schemes, about how and when the canyon was formed. All as we thought: the earth turned out once a long time ago, and what was in the middle – collapsed, cleft was filled with water. That’s the fairy tale, the canyon turned out.

The sky completely tightened, you need to run towards the city. Maybe someone still deigns to raise the scornful travelers to the city. Something is not lucky, it can be seen, today is not our day for the highway.

But already the barrier. She, nonsense, we love to walk)) And that these guards are so surprised at us look? Yes yes, they themselves reached!

Happy and satisfied as a result and rushed towards the city center.


It is worth visiting the Canyon Sumidero or not? In my opinion, it is very worth. Most of the tourists look at it from below, to be honest, I am not very impressed by the view from the boat. Perhaps the fault of everything was fatigue and some apathy for everything that happens around (really wanted to sleep). One way or another, Andriusix decided that you can accrue three points from five possible boat walking.

Walk through Miradoram brought much more emotions and turned out to be generous to impressive landscapes.

Ideally, the canyon must be viewed from above, and below, because these are two completely different things. I think it is quite realistic to have a sumider in one day and so, especially if you are on the car or are ready to spend on a taxi. If you are standing before choosing, I would advise you to make it in favor of viewing sites. It is more troublesome, but it is worth.

Enjoy you walking on the Canyon Sumidero, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

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Why canyon sumidero need to look from the ground, and from the water part 2

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