Why build "flat" houses?

"Flat" buildings are in different countries, and their form is most often determined by certain restrictions. We look at a similar structure, and it seems that it consists of one wall: if the refrigerator can still be put, then the bed. Sleep on the floor? Can. But as the table, chairs and other furniture? Yes, and why this is all at all? Exhale, before you optical illusion. It is worth changing the viewing point, and the house will cease to be "flat".

In Moscow, such unusual houses were built at the end of the XIX – early XX century. So, two: β„–36 and β„–38 were erected at Presnensky Shaft. 1. The reason is simple: the landowners wanted to use the existing territory at the maximum, and architects, trying to please the customer, invented unusual techniques.

"Flat" house stands on Taganskaya Street, but here the sharp angle appeared because the building was built at an angle to the existing. And in order not to lose in the square, the designers added additional square meters.

Tax on real estate in Vietnam is calculated on the basis of not from the area of ​​the room, but from the length of its facade

From the point of view of technology today, it is also possible to build "flat" at home, but the need for it disappeared. Although I do not exclude that some architects appeal to such a form to attract attention to the project.

Why build

Probably, it happened in Nizhny Novgorod with a house on Kasyanov Street, 5a. A typical high-rise building has a sharp angle that creates the illusion of the plane. However, apartments because of such a decision were not very affected – where there is a sharp corner, there are loggias.

Not always narrow facades – illusion. So, one of the most famous houses – Flaton Bilding, or, as it is called, "Iron" – located on Manhattan in New York. The width of the northern facade of the building is only 2 meters, while the height is 82 m. The cause of the narrow is a non-standard plot and the high value of the Earth.

A few years ago, a narrow residential complex XS House was built in Philadelphia, which, unlike many European and American narrow houses, is not expanding, but has the same width at the base – 3.3 m. Six-storey residential building built on site several parking spaces. It contains seven apartments that partially increase the mezzanine.

Why build

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