Why breakfast in hotels is called continental?

Experienced travelers know that the BB abbreviation in the food type is decrypted as Bed & Breakfast ("Bed and Breakfast" – English.) And means that the room rate includes morning meals. There are two formats: buffet and continental breakfast.

The latter also originated in Europe. In the first half of the XIX century, most Europeans were engaged in physical labor and therefore had breakfast tightly – most often fish, roasted meat, beans and other heavy dishes. But by the middle of the same century, a wide layer of people engaged in mental labor was formed. For normal operation, they did not need a lot of calories, and gradually lighter dishes were entered: baking, boiled eggs, ham.

The innovation had to taste with European hotelhers, as it turned out to be economically beneficial. Prepare, for example, the scrambled eggs cost cheaper and occupied less time and effort than frying meat. Therefore, instead of a hot dish, guests have become increasingly offering a light snack in the morning.

Continental breakfast has two features. First: no hot dishes. Second: the number of food sets is equal to the number of guests, that is, the supplement is not allowed.

Most often suggests a self-service system when guests choose their own dishes. But in hotels of the highest category of guests of the restaurant, the waiters sometimes serve.

Why breakfast in hotels is called continental

The menu of the classic continental breakfast includes:

  • Flour products: Sweet and sagging pastries, bread, toasts;
  • butter, jam, honey;
  • cutting from cheese, ham, sausages, bacon;
  • dairy products;
  • fruits vegetables;
  • Drinks: tea, coffee, cocoa, juice.

Higher Class hotels can offer advanced continental breakfast. From the traditional it is distinguished by a more diverse assortment of meat and cheese cutting, it is possible to preserve corn flakes, boiled eggs or scrambled eggs, omelet. But the main thing – you can take an additional portion.

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