Why autumn leaves change color: yellow and blush?

With such a romantic opinion, it is easy to agree, at least once saw the landscapes of autumn New England or Rocky Mountains, amazing the imagination by all the shades of yellow and orange. But what is the scientific side of all this beauty?

Why autumn leaves change color

There are several reasons for changing the color and influence of it on chemical processes inside each sheet, but the most significant factors are short day and long night.

All factors are reduced to biological pigments (biologic), representing molecular substances that are manifested in living beings in the form of certain colors by absorbing or reflecting the lengths of light waves.

Everyone knows that chlorophyll is a green pigment produced by plants in the process of photosynthesis. Other plants detected – these are carotenoids, giving orange color, and anthocyans responsible for red and purple shades. Although chlorophyl and carotenoids are present throughout the growing season, most anthocyanins are produced by leaves exclusively at the end of summer and at the beginning of autumn.

Why autumn leaves change color: yellow and blush?

As the days become shorter, and the night is longer, the number of light necessary for photosynthesis decreases, and the production of chlorophyll gradually stops. Without the formation of a new chlorophyll, the characteristic green color of the leaves decays and disappears. This mechanism is essentially "exposes" the colors of carotenoids and anthocyanins that were hidden under green.

Why autumn leaves change the color yellow and blush

The National Forest Service of the United States explains: "At this time, a lot of sugar is produced in the sheet, but cool nights and gradual closure of the leaf of the sheet do not allow these sugars to go out. Such conditions (abundance of sugar and light) stimulate the production of bright anthocyanine pigments, painting a sheet in red, purple and crimson color ".

Why autumn leaves trees change color

The height and type of trees affect the time of fondation and changing the color of foliage. The trees located on the hills change the color faster than their plain conifers on the same latitude.

Forest in the fall of why the leaves are changed in color why the leaves of the trees change in the fall

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