Why are they going to the terrine?

Landscapes in the north laconic: rocks and hills, endless expanses and water surface. Night shine in the sky sometimes almost brighter. Authenticity is indecent high. And the prices are very low, especially for those who have time to visit the neighboring Scandinavia. Scandinavian Natural Spirit in Teriberka was supplemented with our charm.

The rural settlement of the Terberka is located in the Murmansk region – on the Kola Peninsula, in the tundra area. It lives only about 1000 people, not counting visitors. Since the beginning of November and until the end of April – Winter. The average temperature in the summer – about +12 ° С.

The first settlers – fishermen – appeared in Teriberka in the XVI century. Once here I hunted to the cod and even sharks, built dairy farms and bred deer. Here was even built the first meteorological station. Now the Terberka is happy to meet tourists, and crafts, not counting small fisheries, remained in the past. And yes, the emphasis in the word “terberka” falls on “and”.

Aurora Borealis

Murmansk region, hibins and terberka enter the tops in Russia, where you can admire the Northern Lights. He is trying to catch from September to April. And April here even better winter months – no longer cold. To do this, organize special tours, where a pair of tens of people, armed with cameras and smartphones, stand and look into the sky, trying to see the natural beauty. Cost on average 30 000 USD for three days. To be honest, it’s better to do it yourself. In order for the chances to see the shine were higher, follow the forecasts on special sites. However, the price of the tour can be included in the sea and observation of living creatures, acquaintance with Murmansk and terberka and from water, and with sushi, accommodation, guides, food and transfers – then it is more interesting.

Tip: If you are going on your car and see along the way, on the side of the road, such companies means, that’s, “will begin”. Can brake and wait for a miracle.

The main sights of Teriberis

Stone Beach and Dinosaur Eggs. This point is located in the north of the village. Stones that make up the coastline have an interesting oval shape, for which they died “Eggs of Dinosaurs”. You can get here either on foot (30-40 minutes from the center), or by car or rented from the locals snowmobile. From the beach there is a gorgeous view of the mountains, it is especially great to be here at dawn or at sunset.

Cemetery of ships. In the 60s, fishing vessels began to accumulate in this place, which no longer used, as the district center was transferred to Severomorsk. Fishing crafts died, and with them and ships. Some tourists manage to climb inside ship’s “skeletons”. Sailing and motorboats lie as you have: on my side, upside down … atmosphere and beautiful, and terrible. Impression get indelible! Look for a point immediately at the entrance to Teriberka.

Abandoned School. Another place resembling the scene from the thriller. Tutorials are chaotic on the desks, in some places laboratory devices. Building a few years ago sold under the hotel, the school began to build a new. There is no hotel yet, so the ghost school still serves as a scenery for fans of acute sensations in the southern border of the Teriberis.

Meteorological station. In Teriberka, she was opened first in the area. And she still works. You can see the instruments, chat with people who are still serving here, and take a picture against the background of authentic local buildings.

Watch terberka. This is the first thing you will see when you enter the village. He is called the security guard, and it is stuffed done completely manually. In vest with reflectors, skiing, racket, telephone and sword – figure can easily be taken for a real person! Nearby is also abandoned car.

Waterfall. Hour walk or 20 minutes by car and you have a picturesque place! Standing on a hill, near the cliffs, you will see not only falling water, but also a view of the small battery lake with the Barents Sea, where the waterfall falls. By the summer he becomes especially full.

Artillery Battery. In August 1941, battles were held in Teriberka: fired in German submarines. Since then, artillery guns remained here – four guns. You can find them in the west of the village, right on high hills overlooking the water. Bonus will be a beautiful natural landscape.

Fans of our cinema

The famous our drama Leviafan Andrei Zvyagintseva was filmed here in 2014. The film received the Prize of the Cannes Festival, and the place began to pilgrim. Zvyagintsev chose the teribero because of her pristine beauty that helps convey the idea of ​​”the universe in the days of the first hand … when Leviathan reigned in the sea”.

You watched this movie or not, but what remains after filming will also be interested in the most dislike. For example, the house of the main character, even though he is also abandoned. Be sure to find the skeleton of blue whale. This commander of 24 m long weighs one and a half tons. Yes, it is a butthoria, made specifically for filming, but it is impressive.

There are tours in the footsteps “Leviafan”. They also include visiting Kirovsk and Apatity.

Active and sports

Kiting In the middle of Arctic landscapes – it’s like surfing in Kamchatka. The adventure from which the spirit captures. Choose that you are closer: multi-day tours with learning (up to 11 days; cost with accommodation and nutrition 50 000 – 70 000 USD) or solo program if you are already an experienced athlete and arrived with your dome. Kaiting is in winter and summer! If the wind is not, the tundra can be seen otherwise: the kite school can arrange for you on skiing or snowboarding for a snowmobile. And the coast of the Arctic Ocean is good to watch, cutting on the sleigh.

Diving. He is good here to the fact that the water is transparent and clean, albeit cold, even in the summer. Diving is available all year round, for the Barents Sea does not freeze. You can see fish and forests from laminaria of huge sizes (sometimes they reach the lengths of 4 m), rocky education, crabs, stone “gardens” and underwater caves. There are freediving – dive without gear.

Surfing. In Teriberka, there are whole surf camps, where you can get acquainted with like-minded people – the same “teapots” passing training from scratch. This option is ideal for beginners. Nevertheless here not Bali with his waves. “All inclusive” for a week in such a camp will cost an average of 50,000 rubles. on man. In addition, they ride in the same way on sapboards, if there are no waves.

If extremal you can call yourself with stretch, you will please local fishing. You can go to the sea and admire the village from the water on the boat, taken on your own for rent from locals. There is a chance to catch in the Barents Sea a magnificent giant cod (30 kg weighing), and still herring, tobatku, sea perch, cambal and pike. There are special fishing tours in which the group is well. Such three days for six days with power on and accommodation are an average of 35,000 – 40,000 rubles. Ideal time for sea hunters Just from March to May. Bonus to fishing can be seen dolphins and whales, if lucky.

I almost forgotten: you can ski here to ride on local hills. Well, some makes the idea just to swim in the cold Barents Sea.


In local institutions, you can try exotic from venison, as well as all sorts of sea delicacies. You are waiting for fat salmon and a gentle cod, delicious tobulk and rare mollusks. Arctic cuisine is a mixture of flavors, as well as their cleanliness and quality. In Teriberka, there is a cafe “TER” and the restaurant base “The Terberian Beach”. The latter will meet you by the views of the Barents Sea and huge panoramic windows. Ask for something from deer. Also in the menu there are seafood: from shrimps and crabs to scallops and green mussels. Here you can agree on feeding the breakfast system – lunch – dinner, because the institution belongs to the turbase. Cafe “Ler” is located on the second floor of a mini-hotels. In the menu, the same Arctic exotic, the possibility of three-time complex nutrition and, attention, generous large portions. If you are driving a group, this is the perfect option. Plus, play the billiards for free in the same institution. Naison? Go ride a giant swing. One of your favorite tourist attractions is located next to the restaurant.

Why are they going to the terrine


Getting to Teriberka is most convenient for the car. Can be from Murmansk by taxi (2500-3000 rubles. One way) or from bus station by bus №241. The path of 133 km will take from two to four hours depending on the season. In winter faster, since the road at this time of the year is smaller than the year.

It is worth remembering that the terberka is not a resort. Infrastructure, despite the popularity of the place, is poorly developed. It’s not for comfort here, but in order to enjoy the magic of natural phenomena and plunge into fascinating views.

This can not interfere with either the weather, neither then, for example, that about 40 km of your path will pass on the primer. You will not find gorgeous hotels and expensive spa. But you can stay in small houses of the hotel type, some of which look like the buildings of the turbase. It is best to book accommodation in advance, because, having to find accommodation in place, you, quite possibly, will not find it – everything will be occupied due to the influx of tourists. At worst, you can spend the night and in the car, admiring the mountains and the sky. It is safe here, so you can not worry about such a stay.

Which time you are going to the Teriberka, it is worth getting warm. Take only comfortable shoes. See what the polar kits are worn in winter, – do not mistaken! During the rest of the year, reserve raincoats and windings. We also recommend taking a thermos with you and enjoy hot drink during hiking.

In order not to overpay for the activity of guides, you can negotiate with the residents of the village. Ship for fishing, motorboats or boats, SUVs and trucks for travel along the coast – All this can be tried to rent both by private owners and the owners of restaurants. Cheaper, extreme more interesting.

In the summer, the Traditional Arctic Festival is held in Teriberka. The program of this year is still formed, but it should be interesting. In the past years, guests met the speeches of musical teams, lectures and art presentations, helicopters flying, film display, master classes, food markets, sporting events, etc. NS. Festival, in addition to the film Zvyagintsev, became another “provocateur” of tourism development in local regions. So slowly but surely the terberka acquires new magnetism.


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