Why and why on board the aircraft

We decided to tell you about some points that it is recommended to know each passenger.

Why when taken and landing in the cabin turns off the light?

The light turns off so that the passenger eyes adapt to natural lighting. To in case of an emergency (fire, smoke, emergency landing and t.D.), you have seen where you can be safely evacuated and did not lose time until your eyes adapt.

Why open curtains in the plane?

For the same purpose so that the passengers see what is going on with the outside and the path of evacuation, and the rescuers rated the situation in the aircraft cabin.

Why lays the ears in the plane?

Ears lays out due to the difference in pressure in the human body and external environment.

Air pressure in the ear (or rather in the drum cavity) should be equal to the atmospheric. If the pressure is not the same, then one of the sides presses the membrane, and we feel it as embedded in the ear.

When the aircraft is gaining height, the atmospheric pressure is reduced and the pressure difference occurs, which we feel like mortgage in the ears. If at this moment you swallow or yawn, then the inner opening of the hearing pipe is opened for a while, the air with a higher pressure comes out, and with the lower fills the cavity and the breadths of the ear disappears.

Why fasten in the plane?

During the landing, you must be fastened to not fly out of your chair, in the event of a sharp stop of the aircraft. And during the flight, they ask to fasten to, flying to the turbulence zone, you again did not fall out of the chair or did not hit the head of the ceiling (this is, by the way, a frequent injury, with stubborn passengers who refuse to fasten).

Many are asked, and why fasten with takeoff? A man on the contrary &# 8220; pushes&# 8221; in a chair? The fact is that when the aircraft is accelerated, unforeseen circumstances can also occur and the pilot will be forced to stop taking off. Then it will come in handy a belt that keeps you in place and will avoid serious injuries.

Why during take-off and landing are not allowed to listen to the radio in headphones?

This is to hear the flight attendants in the event of an emergency.

Why and why on board the aircraft

Why turn off the phone in the plane?

The phone is asked to disconnect that its signal will not create interference for on-board and did not affect the operation of the aircraft instruments. The influence of phones, laptops and other electronic devices may not be too dangerous, disputes on this issue still do not subside. However, just in case, it is recommended to turn off the phones and other devices.

The second reason why they are asked to disconnect and remove, is that with sharp maneuvers of the aircraft, they can fly out of the hands and injure other passengers or damage the aircraft salon.

Why during takeoff and landing are asked to bring back to the vertical position?

This is done so that the laid out of the chairs do not interfere with the rapid evacuation of passengers in emergency cases. For the same reasons, asked to fold and tables on the chairs.

In addition to this chair, the vertical position will better protect you and behind the seated passenger in the event of an accident.

Successful to you flights! And do not neglect aviation security rules!

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