Why America called America?

In Spain, until the end of the XVII century, the name was used «Western India», call the mainland «America» In official documents and on geographic maps was prohibited.

Generally accepted version of the name «America», stated in all textbooks geography, briefly looks like this. Outdoor Christopher Columby New mainland received its present name «America» by the name of the Italian navigator Amerigo Vespucci, who in 1507 was the first to prove the withdrawal of this part of the world and describe it in detail. However, this, «Academic» Versions are opponents.

Some Brazilian historians prove that «America» – Pure local name and comes from the word «Marka», So called their Supreme Deity ancient inhabitants of Brazil.

Why America called America

And the American scientist of the French origin of Lamber-de Saint-Brie was irrefutable to prove that the continued Mainland described in those days (the beginning of the XVI century) was worn so much «America», T.E. Vespucci only used the local name, accidentally coincided with his name.

And in the end it turns out that the exact answer to the question: «Why America is called America?» Not yet received.

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