Why a person without landmarks walks in a circle?

In some courses on survival, I spend the "blind" experiment. I give it to the participants: move right on the floor with closed eyes, but first show the place where you need to come. As a result, everyone goes in circles, but the diameter is obtained different – from 50 m to 5 km. Some succeeds for quite a long time to go straight, sticking to directions, but they are knocked down and they. At the same time, the trajectory is not similar to the perfect circles – it is more like a wandering. First, the participants in the experiment can hardly take the left, then go to the right, but in the end they return to the same place from which the way began.

There are many theories in the people, why it happens: because one leg in man is shorter than another; body asymmetrically; Internal organs are located not mirrored towards each other; Muscles on one leg are more developed than on the other, due to which the steps of different lengths; Spin not straight. And some grandparents blame Lesgo.

Of course, there is a scientific explanation. The terrain is diverse: there are various bumps and pits, from which man simply takes to the side. Also on the way, he may be obstacles in the form of hills, lakes, dense shrubs, huge stones, ravines, rivers, fallen trees, when overcoming which one has to change the trajectory of its "perfectly level" direction.

Why a person without landmarks walks in a circle

But the main thing is "internal navigator". Scientists call it the effect of accumulating "noise" in the sensor engine system. In other words, random guidelines and their own conclusions about the location and direction of movement are confusing. Without an external guideline, a person cannot be subjectively to go straight, and this "noise" makes it "walk in circles".

Wandering in a circle – not the only problem of lost. Earlier, "my planet" told what to do if you lost in the forest .

Why a person without landmarks walks in a circle

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