Why a camel spits?

Camels spit in all: relatives, people, and sometimes even in predators. It is believed that they behave like an excited, irritated or aggressive state. For example, males who fight for female, or females when protecting the young.

Camels in enemies spit because the fetid substance can stun the enemy. But it is more correct to believe that sputum is a ritualized, that is, aimed at a safeway, aggression. This is in favor of this that the male "blow out" bubbles from saliva, when cares, and females prefer those who saliva more.

Camels – ruminant animals, that is, they are chewed "chewing", partly "digested" in the stomach and jumped vegetation food. Consequently, the spit is a mixture of chewed food and saliva that have an unpleasant smell.

So it’s better not to unwind camels because they spit in people, and not only in those that tease them, but also in those that exist excessive curiosity. This proves the frozen saliva, which can be seen in the winter on the fences of the enclosures in the zoo. By the way, the males are most often spits.

Many other animals, such as Lama, can also span. They, like the Vicuni, are camel relatives and spits about the same situations.

When protection can spit some types of cob, while they kiss in the eyes of a potential enemy. To the death of a person, such a hit will not lead, but may cause a temporary or constant violation of vision. (10 of the most poisonous snakes in the world.)

Why a camel spits

There are those animals that spit when hunting. Spiders – Plemaki spit sacrificing a special web. Bucheonged mollusks of beans (valmas) are shot from a test with a special mass, which dissolves the solid shell of the Guns, marine stars and heroes. Fish spray knocked down insect water with branches of trees over water. I happened to see the feeding of the splashes in the pet store in Perm: the jet of water flew at least 1.5 m.

In case of danger, the foods of many birds, such as seagulls, numbers, stratch, heron. Severated snake flicker liquid from cloaca. Turn the insides of the hell’s (sea cucumbers). Some in the protection of "shoot" in aggressors. For example, skunks produce a jet of bad smelling liquid from glands on the back of the body.

Dolphins can "spit". During the study of the ability of these marine mammals to the account, among other teams, there was such: to hide the tenth person in a row. Dolphins typing in the mouth of the water, it was performed. Sometimes they just love to lose weight, obtay visitors Dolphinarium.

Slaves monkeys. And so do people do, although the meaning and causes of the behavior of the latter are still not clear.

Why a camel spits

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