Who rides in Jurmala

Among the former Baltic Soviet republics, Latvia has always been known and visited. Now, because of the well-known political problems, many ours fear to go to the republic. However, according to representatives of the five-six central firms, sending there ours, recreation and excursions in Latvia are still popular.

If the overwhelming majority of holidaymakers in Estonian Pärnu are Finns, and in the Lithuanian Palanga – Poles, then more Israeli tourists are becoming in Latvian Jurmala. Recently, Israelis book numbers in local hotels, boarding houses and holiday homes almost six months. There are several reasons. First, the soft climate of Latvia in the summer is much more pleasant than the exhausting Middle Eastern heat. Secondly, the cost of treatment in Jurmala sanatoriums is much lower than in similar health resorts of Israel. Finally, elderly tourists come to Latvia, many of which were from here left for residence in Israel.

our tourists buy mainly tours for rest and excursion in Riga. It is curious that many customers rest in Jurmala for a very long time: from 14 to 45 days. Accommodation in the sample sanatorium per day costs from $ 10.5 per person. The cost of a full package with an expensive – from $ 350. At the same time, you can relax on the lap of nature, in rural wilderness. Holidays in the Latvian village farms are very popular with Finns and Germans, which are attracted to the cheapness – in just $ 5 per day you can live in the village, breathe clean air, catch fish and swim in lakes and rivers. ours have this type of tourism yet in great demand.

Approximately equal number of ours is resting in Jurmala and makes brief excursion tours to Riga. A three-day bus journey costs from $ 140, when moving by rail – from $ 240. And the bus (10 hours of the road), and the train (12 hours) away at night, and in the morning arrive in Riga. The bus goes every day, trains – twice a day. In the first case, a ticket in both end costs $ 45, in the second – about $ 120. There are flights, but because of uncomfortable flights (from Moscow in the evening, and from Riga early in the morning) and high costs ($ 220 in both ends), they do not enjoy extremely popular among tourists. Maybe therefore this year only flies in Riga "Aeroflot", and joint flights Air Baltic and "Transaero" stopped.

Who rides in Jurmala

For this summer, according to managers, the increase in the flow of ours is characteristic. Compared to last year, their number increased by 70% mainly due to people who were resting in Jurmala in Soviet times. They are pleasantly surprised by the fact that many boarding houses are updated, pools are built, rooms are renovated and the food has improved. Convenient, especially for recreation with children, small sea and nearly hotels near Beach. Most accommodation funds are now private individuals. By the way, in Jurmala is easy to purchase real estate. For example, now for $ 2 million, a sanatorium is available for sale "Marienbad".

For vacationers in hotels and sanatoriums of Latvia, registration carried out on the basis of a ticket. In turn, the basis for obtaining a Latvian visa (consular fee – $ 15) is the presence of another voucher, which is issued in the country’s tourism department. In essence, this is something like a voucher worth $ 5.

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