Who rests on Lake Como (Italy)?

Testing some special passion to everything Italian, I can not bypass the face of this picturesque lake, on the coast of which noble venoms relaxed from ancient times.

We are talking about Italian Lake Como – one of the deepest lakes in Europe (up to 410 m). On the coast there is a town with the title title. And in the eastern part of it cost no less cute cities of Varenna and Bellazho.

Lake length – 47 km, and width – 4 km.

The lake is surrounded by granite and limestone mountains up to 2.4 km high in the southern part of the lake.

If you get together in this place, come exactly in Como. On the east coast is also very cool, but, alas, the sun rarely gets there. Therefore, the mood is somewhat cloudy.

What does the local population do? Many work in shipping and fisheries. Here, by the way, the fish is bred: trout, sigov, karpov, and t.D.

This is how the town looks like. So somehow everything neatly, calm.

Surround the lake not only mountains, but also forests. And the vegetation is extremely rich: figs, grapes, grenade and olive trees, laurels, peace, chestnuts. All do not list. Real Paradise =)

Who rests on Lake Como (Italy)

How cool would be to walk along the coast under the trees of the trees, along which, perhaps, the poles and versic walked in these places.

Who rests on this lake? I have no doubt that people are happy and calm, looking for peacefulness in nature, preferring privacy by tourists beaches.

The feeling that people are all hid)). But no, someone on the shore.

If I planned to purchase a villa in Italy, most likely my choice was on the coast of this wonderful lake. By the way, on Lake Como has a villa George Clooney. Go to visit?)))

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