Who pays the ticket in case of reference to the connection flight?

To clarify the situation, we decided to lead in this text detailed and understandable explanations of Martin Riken, director of corporate communications of Lufthansa airline:

"In airmotherology there is a concept as" minimum docking time ". It is calculated for each airport separately – based on the distance between the terminals of the arrival and departure, the need for passport control, baggage processing speeds and other factors. When booking a transfers with a transfer through a global GDS booking system (the most common in the world), the minimum connection time at the airport of transplant is automatically taken into account, and the system selects optimal flights.

Usually, if the flights are performed by one airline, it takes care of the passenger and his baggage during the transplantation. For example, Lufthansa passengers at the airports of Munich and Frankfurt at the exit of the aircraft meets the representative of the airline and holds to the exit to the next flight, bypassing the queue.

If you are still late for the aircraft, the airline, as a rule, provides a free place on the next flight from among those on which there are free. If you fly in two different airlines – it does not matter, they enter into one alliance or not (for example, Aeroflot, Delta, Air France, KLM – members of the SkyTeam Alliance, and Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, Swiss – Star Alliance), – A The ticket is discharged on the form of one of them (it happens when the airline concludes a special agreement), the company is responsible for the company on the form of which a ticket was discharged. She is obliged to transplant you to the next flight.

Who pays the ticket in case of reference to the connection flight

If you bought tickets from different airlines separately, keep in mind: you will have to get luggage at the airport, re-register and pass the luggage. If the first flight is late and you did not have time to go through all the formalities before landing on the second, you will be responsible for yourself. Unfortunately. When the flight delay in the direction of 1500 to 3,500 kilometers with a length of 1500 (more than 3,500 kilometers – for four hours) the airline must provide you with. If the flight is detained for more than five hours, you have the right to demand the return of the full cost of the ticket ".

Of course, in practice it is difficult to achieve not the fact that the return of the total cost of the ticket. but even power. Therefore, do not risk &# 8211; If you select docks yourself, leave the reserve of time on the transplantation, receiving and passing the baggage.

And, of course, the most important thing &# 8211; We sell only united tickets. This means that in the case of forced to be late for a docking flight, you will be put on the next completely free.

Who pays the ticket in case of reference to the connection flight

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