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In our modern world, people constantly go somewhere. It can be a business or private trip, rest or tourism, someone rides a celebration – a wedding, birthday, anniversary, others visit friends or relatives. Yes, do you never know the reasons to go to another city. We do it so often that such small travel has become for us are ordinary. And it was as familiar to us temporary placement in another city during the trip. Perhaps this is a hotel or private accommodation, each of us has their own preferences. But as far as we are correct in our stereotypes – let’s find out and talk about the short-term rental of residential premises – rent apartments and houses for rent.

Currently, this type of rental offered is quite widely wide. Apartments and houses for the daily rental are enough in all cities of Ukraine. To understand this mass of proposals, in particular in Lviv, all existing representatives of this rental business segment can be distributed over three groups.

The first group is represented by the owners of apartments having one sometimes two apartments. They predominantly surrender their housing without the conclusion of any contracts, in other words – illegally. There are no obligations, which means the likelihood of various kinds of misunderstandings, on both sides of the participants in the transfer / removal of housing, extremely high. The degree of the consequences of such illegal transactions will depend on the will of the case, but it often affects the money side of the issue and very painful. Other negative moments of such a transaction is the lack of guarantees of settlement, the threat of the loss of documents (often require a pledge passport), the lack of reporting documents, the inconsistency of housing declared in advertising or verbal description, the inencleness of the address, banal fraud. In order to attract the client, these owners use profile prints, the websites of free ads, "catch the client" on the living plates "I rent an apartment" in the arrival of guests of the city (train stations, airports) or other places of cluster visitors. The claimed prices in such landlords, of course, are lower than the market, and on the fact of the arrival of the guest in place, for the latter probable "surprise", capable of turning a trip to a nightmare.

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Real estate agencies and private realtors offering apartments and homes for living present the second group. In most of these companies, such activities are not the main, but is minor. As objects to accommodate guests, apartments attracted under the contract from real estate owners are used, including representatives of the first group. To the price of the owner of such an apartment, the Agency’s Commission is added (from 10 to 20%, and on holidays from 100 to 500 hryvnia), as a result, the amount claimed by the Client. The offered apartments are fully furnished with furniture, equipped with household appliances, Some have Internet and, optionally, sometimes parking. Often such realtors offer customers additional services included with the rental rate or for additional charge (transfer, ticket booking, excursions, etc.e). The main disadvantage of working with the Agency is the incomplete awareness of the latter about the apartment. As you understand, an agency worker – a hired man, never on the offered apartment, and can be described in a housing, which contains present on the site description. Wider information about the apartment provided by him, most likely, will be the subject of his fiction. Another disadvantage is difficult to communicate and negotiating, because the intermediary is necessary every step to agree with the owner of the apartment. Unpleasant moments can climb the client in conflict situations, most likely the mediator, being between two lights, will behave unpredictably and the responsibility and guarantee they declared will be empty sound.

The third and most interesting for the client, from our point of view, the participant in the market of short-term rental housing (or the daily rental of apartments) are highly specialized individual entrepreneurs and organizations of small businesses that are provided to accommodate apartments in confidence-management or ownership. Unlike representatives of the first group, which was discussed above, these people are registered entrepreneurs, pay taxes and provide this service perfectly. Some of them are simultaneously renting their own and managed residential real estate within a single project, others use only their own residential facilities, others offer only managed apartments. But in any case, the owner has documents confirming his right to dispose of the apartment. It is representatives of this group, from the point of view of hotel competition, are able to draw up the last worthy alternative. Similarly, the hotel, in the state of such owners there are people responsible for different units of real estate service and customers. The signboard of such a company is a personal site, on which the booking procedure, working conditions and payment are described in detail, indicates the list of basic and additional services and there are many other, valuable information to customers (how to get there, which is near, where to put the car where you can go, and much another). Owners are well-oriented in the market of daily rent, so the price of the apartments is significantly less than in similar hotel rooms (20-40%) and in real estate agencies (30-60%), while the quality and number of services can be large. The client does not pay any commission. In terms of comfort, the apartment is similar to what a person is accustomed to in his daily life. Does not cause discomfort and stiffness from the client, almost does not require "addiction to the interior". In addition, among other advantages is to provide the client to an objective description of the apartment, the ability to get answers to detailed questions about the apartment (for example – where the windows from the bedroom are published, where the balcony is located, what is the entrance to the apartment and many others). Apartments have a kitchen. The client can shift the dates of arrival and departure in time without increasing the number of days of living and, accordingly, without paying. The owner of flexibility in achieving a compromise with ******************** in its reputation. Often, long-term "friendship" is established between the client and such entrepreneurs, the client appeals to his checked tenant every time, having the opportunity to receive discounts, every trip to change apartments, book apartments for a simplified procedure and get priority right to book on the desired dates. Periodically, the landlords appear new apartments, then the choice of the client becomes wider. Constantly improving the quality of the apartments. On average, such landlords may offer customers from 15-20 of their apartments. The most advanced capable of offering up to 50.

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