Who massaged Emmanuel, or know the boom boom!

"When someone falls in Siam, he begins with what he gives his body to the hands of the one who is skillful. This artist is pounced on the body of the patient, drowning with his legs". (Simon De La Lab, French Messenger at the Royal Yard in Thailand, 1690 g.)

The task editor was clear and unequivocal: Thai massage. "It’s time, finally, to reveal the eyes to this expaning mind. The phenomenon – he sought me before leaving, – to try all his knots, points and ligaments. Enough to score the brains of subscribers "Emmanuel" Twenty years ago. We need objective information".

Honestly, I was somewhat puzzled by a mission. "It should be understood that I will have to use an unfamiliar woman in intimate purposes, and then publish a business report? It is not at all necessary to drag for ten thousand miles – it is enough to open any boulevard edition, a fascinating announcements about this dubious service", – I tried to get off Ya.

"Old man where your reporter resident? Do not worry: all expenses will be paid. Just remember: we need alive". With these words, the main hand I handed me a ticket.

Passed to Bangkok, I pulled up colorful shorts in the toilet cabin of the airbus and repeated the deceo party. The unfamiliar country with all its shrines, transvestites, palm trees, skyscrapers, beaches and crocodiles lay,. And I had to focus on the theme most dangerous for our own morality. The task seemed almost impossible.

"Where to deliver?" – asked the elderly Taq-Taxi driver, spoiling onto the autobahn. "Hotel Royal River Know?" – I showed a hotel fax confirming reservation. "Oh, Royal River! – He was revived. – Just on the road there is one pretty massage salon. Maybe I’m skating? And I wait at the entrance".

I was not ready for such a instant twist and wave my hands. "Want a masseur right in the room?" – Simplified me the task of the driver. I rejected and this option.

Then I was convinced that in Thailand you have to refuse almost every step. To make an unforgettable sexy workout for me offered different ages of the face, then in the store, then in the bank, then in the restaurant, and once even on a walking boat. They were united in one thing: everyone hoped to get his little percentage of the amount I had to thank my fleet of honor.

Throwing things in the room and swimming in the pool, I went out to look around. The first to whom I saw was the same Rickshaw, who brought me here from the airport. "Rawred? Then let’s not waste time".

"Well, let’s go", – I replied worn – and after a few minutes I was in front of a huge mirror door with a gold-plated handle and neon inscription "Kristina".

In the steadmake hall, the ceiling of which was pierced by the frequency of marble columns, was brightly lit by only a part carriaged by a low resistant, behind which in a chess order (apparently not to overlapping friend’s friend) sat the fuzzy girls in purple swimsuits – similar to his friend, like glossy pictures From the Japanese calendar, – everything is like a selection of small and smiling. "Something resembles a kegel", – I thought, and did not even notice where I had a rather strange type in front of me: a sampling of hairs to the hairs, a flawlessly sitting suit, studied to shine shoes and a deep scar from the ear before the chin. "Again to us? – he smiled at duty and made his hand toward the pupa. – Choose!"

"I’m actually here for the first time. I don’t even know what you mean", – I went to the opponent. The owner of the institution looked out the thumb, put it to his lips and knew him several times. Then he squeezed his left hand into his fist and patted his palm with his right, sentencing: "Boom boom boom boom!"

"Know boom boom! – I cried. – Ai Wood Like first Jast Tu Bow, you know? Plus TU Make then Eni PhotoCicks, chuck? Ai Nid Something new, unusual, unique, Andestland? Ah uh jogurnalist, ripoter! Ya AR Take Mi Classico End Study Forms".

"Karabas" Distorted in the face and slowly spoke: "In our salon bones do not break. Only especially chosen customers, and, as a rule, free. And my pussies stand on eighty dollars one and a half hours. Plus – one hundred percent warranty of orgasm".

Stuffed to the exit, I looked incoherently, that, they say, I’ll think about it a little that, maybe I will come later – that’s just it will be a snack – I want, you know, be in full form in such a solemn moment. Only then I realized that it was most outraged by my desire to shoot a session of erotic services, and words "classical" and "traditional" He perceived as a proposal to arrange me and the massage is real, "chosen", to which sex has nothing.

Driver waited for me at the entrance, sitting driving with the engine. He asked nothing, just looked at me and said: "I know where you need. Sit down".

This time we have long chased the labyrinth of Bangkok streets, until we arrived at one of the three-storey houses of the typical building without visible architectural excesses. I went inside.

In the center of a small hall, the fan was spinning, braided braids on the windows, and penetrated through their slits solar spots were jumping along the walls. There were also women here, I would even say – Baba, – they differed from the previous ones, celluloid, some kind of fatness and detachment, which is not enough for our editorial collective farmers in the blue jackets with a switched shoulders, that neurodiously and five-track bags were bathed, and husbands are forever drunk, and folders with annual reports. Just giving up into the strong peasant hands of one of them, I realized that I mean the words of a person with a scar about "Bone breaks".

I was given a fresh linen jumpsuit, which had to tighten instead of shorts and T-shirts, and laid on a wide banquette, putting on the sides of the curtains so that the light was not distracted by relaxation. Two hours in a row, a unclear lady, dressed in an ordinary training suit, with a crunch turned out my joints, just as a little sadist turns the hinges of her next "Barbie". At first she tried to pull her fingers on her legs. Then the stomach was inserted, he trampled the spine, tied his hands with a knot, dismissed the chest, Drava for her ears and clapped on the cheeks. She sat down at me, got up with her legs, and sometimes, on the contrary, I myself turned out to be top. What, and erotica in this was the least. Just a woman worked as she was comfortable.

To speak honestly, the pain was tolerant – Kostopevshev carefully watched my reaction carefully, and if I saw that she crosses the pain threshold, – dust died. It was much more difficult to postpone tick. At some moments, I covered me a bunch of hysterical laughter. Under the end, the elderly Taita in the mother stroked me on the head of a rough-naked palm.

Paying $ 16, I went out again in the hall, stepping from the unusual ease, acquired by the body, and feeling how through the accumulated alcohol and nicotine stratum, the adhesive escape of health and freshness makes itself. This was a real Thai massage, the technology of which is transmitted from generation to generation from one craftswoman to another. Now it was possible to start the collection of material, much more interesting than the next description of the banal sexual contact, a familiar number of readers.

Who massaged Emmanuel, or know the boom boom!

But none of the women could answer my questions regarding the history and technology of classical Thai massage. Rather, maybe I could, if I knew better English. The only thing I have achieved is the information that in the north of Thailand, in the city of Chiang Mai there is a special massage hospital, and one of his leading experts is the German Harold Bruster, which has been permanently residing in Thailand. But yesterday it was just seen in Bangkok, in the temple of Wat-Po, where the best masters of Thai medicine were held on their three-day seminar.

There is such luck in life! Thanks to his faithful cat, smoothly after half an hour I stood before this 42-year-old German, who was so in my youth "Going the roof" From Southeast Asia, that now he, who adopted the Buddhist name of Asocananda, taught the Thais of their own massage wisdom. "Journalist? – He asked. – From Russia?" – And invited to go to one of the distant premises of the temple.

We sat up to darkness until the voice from the loudspeaker began to convene the monks on the evening prayer. Asocananda said that she collects materials for a new book about Thai massage, and is ready to share any information. So now I can retell what he heard from him.

The creator of the Thai massage system (or Nouada, as he sounds in Thai) is considered a contemporary and friend of Buddha Shivag Homarpay, a doctor from Northern India, who lived over 2.500 years ago. It is known that his teaching penetrated Thailand in the 3-2 century to N. NS. Together with Buddhism and in the future, apparently, the influence of Chinese medicine. Documented on the traditions of the massage for the first time mentioned in the texts that were recorded in the Language of Pali (Buddhist Canon’s 17th century) in the 17th century on palm leaves, century later victims from Burmese conquerors. Their remnants in the form of charts and comments were engraved on the walls of the Wat-Po church (in which we were and were always wound by Buddhists as a shrine. For the first time they were published in Europe only in 1977.

According to Asocananda, the foundation of the Thai massage is built on the theory of invisible energy lines running through the body, which form a kind "Second skin" man. Here, the effect of yoga philosophy with her "second body", consisting of 7.200 energy lines. Thai massage chooses 10 main ones on which the most important acupuncture points are located. Through them, as through peculiar "window", The human Energy of Prana is poured into man. The blockage of these points leads to an energy blockade – a violation of equilibrium and various diseases. A skilled massage therapist, acting on energy points and lines, restores prana streams and contributes to curable.

At that moment two girls looked into the room. These were students of Asocananda, Japanese Hiroshi-San and American Jane Popcorn, which I want to thank, taking this opportunity. In fact, they looked to say goodbye to the master, as you left for two months in Sri Lanka. And I asked them to demonstrate to photograph a few key moments of massage. They apologized for the fact that they had only fifteen minutes at their disposal, and showed how they work with their feet, with a spine and face. In addition, Asocananda allowed me to move pictures from the old manuscripts collected by him, illustrating the location on the body of life points and energy lines.

Then asocananda continued the story. It turned out that Thai medicine is uniquely connected little with the anatomy: Siam did not know the horurgy for a long time, since in the past, open the body of a person in Thai society was prohibited. But all modern researchers state: energy lines really exist, and the skillful impact on them is healing diseases of the various nature.

It should also be noted that the Thai massage cannot be considered only as a job. This is spiritual practice, closely connected with Buddhist teaching. Massage session is understood as a mette, meaning in South Buddhism, voluntary attachment of good. Until recently, the only place where the massage was taught was the temple. The emergence of massage salons outside the temple is the invention of recent years, and if more precisely, the time of the Vietnamese war, when Thailand served as the resort for tens of thousands of American soldiers. Real masters remain deeply religious people who give almost all free time meditation. They delicately feel the individual features of the energy lines of each person. By the way, women are especially successful. Revealing and filling patients with space of space, they lose a lot of their own forces for the session, and therefore they themselves should be unusually strong and endless.

Saying good, I asked asocananda, whether the traditional-enveloping massage with erotic-frivolous massage is compatible with erotic-frivolous. He answered something like this: "There was a displacement of concepts. Using expression "Thai massage", People are meaningfully winking and smiling irrevocably. They just do not know that there is a massage classic. But the most interesting is that. In case of ailment, the confused themselves like those shown in the film "Emmanuel", As well as their numerous pimpets turn to us – Traditional massage specialists. And about compatibility I can bring such an example. Sitting in a chair, suppose a dentist woman, do you demand that she, putting a seal, also undressed? Treatment of the tooth is one thing, and erotica is quite another. Everyone chooses what he needs at the moment".

"Flies – separately, cutlets – separately", – I thought, and the next day with a sense of accomplished debt went to the resort island of Phuket. On the beach of which every hundred meters found local masseuses who do not know the captured customers. Of course, it is convenient: plunged into the sea, shed on the sun bed, and then, for complete happiness, gave it to her warm hands. I decided and I compare the beach sensations with yesterday – paid ten dollars, lay on a blanket and prepared again after the session to survive the experienced sense of flight.

The girl in a sporty suit and in a cap of the back challenged me with French cosmetic milk and began to send his back to the spine with a knuckle, sabe the palm of the palm. Most of all it was like that joking "massage", which we did each other in childhood, with all his "Tankets", "Saychiki" and "Frames". Most of the tourists who come to Thailand are this particular parody and consider genuine skill of local healers. And personally I felt just communited.

Who massaged Emmanuel, or know the boom boom!

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