Who lives well in Paris

All residents of France can be divided into two categories – Parisians and Provincial. There is an opinion in order to become a true Parisian, you need to live in Paris, at least six years. And in order to become a provincial, enough and six hours. It is so much time, on average, you need to get to any point of France by car or by train.

Each region of France has its own characteristics and locals, as a rule, are very proud of. It can be the ruins of the old castle, and the special breed of chickens, cows and horses. Here and the well, in which the half-phyphic Jeanne d’Ark was poured his horse, and, of course, his wine and their own manufacture of cheeses.

In every area they speak with their easy accent and at the local jargon. However, it should be said that the Parisians are also not homogeneous. All of them can be divided, at least twenty-categories, by number of areas of the capital.

Parisian says a lot to what kind of district the city lives. If you live in the 18th district, on Montmartre, this is one. If in the fifth district is another. And if in the 16th, then this is quite a third case.

For the characterization of the Parisian, it is also important to know the apartment, or it is his property, and, of course, it all depends on the area of ​​the city there is a given apartment, in the super-rig for sixteenth or in nineteenth, where most of the population are immigrants from the countries of the Arab East and black Africa.

By the way, the residents of the suburbs should also be considered to be Parisians, as they constitute an integral part of the Paris Society.

The place of residence is chosen depending on the social layer to which the metropolitan resident owns. Such social layers in the capital a huge amount.

In the literal sense of this word, social layers are difficult to call them. Most likely, these are social groups or even some common people who combine a certain way of life. So, in a separate group you can allocate, for example, representatives of one profession. If you are told that this Parisian bank worker, then you can already approximately imagine the image of his thinking, his tastes, rhythm of life, hobbies, and even where and how he spends his vacation. The same can be said about the butcher, bakery, plumbing, writer, actre, journalist.

A few words about a special social layer, about a special closed community of a small part Parisian. For example, if nuvhoritsy puts their wealth at the bottom, wear expensive hours, dressed in the best houses of fashion, go to all the most prestigious concerts, exhibitions and receptions, the representative of the aforementioned layer, very clearly and scrupulously outlines the circle of their friends, their boutiques and Restaurants. He will never say where how much and how does it earn. For these people, it is most important to belong to a certain circle, to the elite. Not to the one that is formed in the process of the development of society, but to one that always existed. Representative of this category, never say that he bought a country house, it’s a bad tone. He will answer that this house always belonged to his family, even if it was bought a couple of weeks before.

But this is not all. The house must be surrounded by at least three dozens of forest hectares or other land. After all, it is necessary somewhere hunting and put out your horses.

The past belonging to this circle of man should be almost aristocratic, but not necessarily. He can engage in any business, from the trade of bananas, to the distribution of drugs, but he must have at least a four-humid tueshka once married to the impoverished graph or baron. And if someone from the distant ancestors of the family participated in the crusades, then there can be no doubt. This person is unconditionally ranks a narrow circle, even if he has no villa on the shores of Loire and apartments in the sixteenth district.

Members of this caste are always quite modest, but the modesty is deceptive. On the jacket there will be no prestigious stickers – from the point of view of Nouvevor – firms. But an experienced look will immediately determine the work of the dear tailor, from the costume of the port-a-port.

As for women, they are not dressed in Christian Diora or Yves Saint Lauren, although they have enough money. Their shops, it is in the sixteenth district and in sixteenth. In addition, for them to give birth in the eighteenth district, only in sixteenth. By the way, their children have their own fashion, which could be identified with the words: simple, cool and convenient.

In everyday life, the behavior of representatives of this circle is also different, and they are very carefully followed. It is worth disclosure only a little bit aside, as if doubts arose, but on the wrong right you belong to this circle of people.

Who lives well in Paris

So, for example, its parents should be called on . Lady should kiss hands what looks completely stupid among the left intelligentsia. When meeting, not two kisses should be exchanged, but four times, as required by the long-standing Catholic traditions of the family.

This handful of people should be the best. That is, the most prestigious higher schools of France, but not sorbonna, where everyone who is not too lazy, and in English it is customary to speak with a light oxford accent.

Their fate is predetermined from beginning to end. This is a study in a prestigious lyceum, preparatory courses in the highest school, the Higher School itself, which prepares elite frames of society, then career, depending on the chosen specialty.

Marriage for them is also a special phenomenon. It is necessary to clarify that it is married or married only exclusively for people of their circle.

Of course, you can have a mistress on the side, from any other layer of society, however, it is better to do so that no one ever learned about it. As an exception, it can even be invited to the house, but no more than two or three times, otherwise you will be bad about you, and this cannot be allowed. Just as it is forbidden to move too quickly and unceremoniously with new acquaintances on . If you definitely do not feel at what point in dating it can be done, then you are not a man of their circle. In addition, we should wear on the neck of the firm, a focus, lighter, play golf, loving sports, especially auto racing and rally. It should also be regularly appearing on the tennis tournament and preferably on the guest stand.

We must love rest in the village, to communicate with familiar and simple, never show your emotions on people and read the newspaper .

But if all this suddenly appears, even if you start talking slightly stretching words and show your own kind, like you are calm, nice and easy to live in your own pleasure, it does not mean that you can rank with this few circle, After all, any of us with you, dear reader, there is no relative, who would participate in the cross campaigns, even if Richard’s gland is a lion heart.

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