Who lives in the New Year’s ate?

Installed the Christmas tree, began to dress up and suddenly, tumbled another ball, saw the beetle, and next one, and one more? Guard! Throw a tree a pity. Return to the store – where the warranty is that if it is exchanged, the new will not be with a surprise? And what if the house in the house will now settle the colony of the inhabitants of the forest and strews all the furniture?

Unexpected guests can arrive not only with fir, but also with fir, pine, douglasia or pseudotensuga and any other coniferous tree. It absolutely no matter, it was bought in the store or on the Christmas Bazaar. Most of these insects: roasting bugs, flashers, hurmes and many others – feed on wood juices. Others use it as a shelter. In the cracks of the cortex, winter walkers, cores and cereals, and caterpillars of fires and leaflers, larvae of flies and refamped insects are losing cold in shoots and cones.

Other insects can live in the coniferous trees, including herbal mites. They have no relation to Ixodic ticks, which are carriers of encephalitis and borreliosis. Ticks generally many types. The roasting and predatory bugs brought to the house with her fir, are not related to bedcloths, and small butterflies awoke in heat: fires, leafpers, etc. – to wrapping moths and other pests. Among insects who are looking for shelter on coniferous trees, no dangerous for a person. The worst thing that they can do is to frighten our appearance, and that is not all.

Who lives in the New Year's ate

Once in warmth, insects "think" that spring came, wake up and spread or fly apart. But it does not mean that now you have to share living space with them. Return to the state of the bands they will no longer be able and after a while they will die. So you will need to just collect them broom, pinches into the package and put out in the garbage container. But to handle the New Year’s fir insecticides, as chemicals can harm your health.

Sometimes larger surprises occur. For example, not so long ago in the Christmas tree intended for the Rockefeller Center in New York, found a live owl. The story ended well for all.

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