Who likes Poles

Last week, the results of the survey, designed to find out the sympathy or antipathy of the Poles in relation to other peoples. The Center for Public Opinion Research was interviewed 1.094 respondent who represented various groups of adults.

Sociologists found out that the biggest sympathies of the Poles are experiencing to Americans, French, Italians and British. About friendly feelings, for example, 61 percent of respondents told Americans. Americans do not like only 10 percent, and relate indifferent – 24 percent. 5 percent found it difficult to answer.

The lowest sympathies of Poles use Gypsies – 69 percent of respondents stated that they would not want to have any cases with the Gypsies.

Romanians were in second place in terms of antipathy – 60 percent. The Poles and their neighbors from the former USSR are not particularly loved – 59 percent were configured against Ukrainians, 55 percent. In addition, about 50 percent of respondents negatively belong to Serbs, Jews and Belarusians.

Who likes Poles

The greatest sympathies of neighboring peoples of Polyakov are used by the Czechs – two fifth respondents declared their warmest feelings. A little colder, but in general it is very good to include Poles to Slovaks, Germans and Lithuanians.

If you compare the data obtained with the data of a similar survey last year, it turns out that the Poles became worse to treat almost all foreigners. But most of all in the eyes of the Poles lost the Jews – the number of sympathizers decreased by 9 percent, while the number of ill-wishers increased by 7 percent.

Who likes Poles

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