Who let go to America without conversations

The appearance of the people in the people, as if everyone, who wants to get an American non-immigrant visa, it is supposed to be interviewed with an employee of the Consular Department of the US Embassy, ​​justly partly. In fact, for a number of categories of citizens, a simplified procedure for obtaining American visas – without interview.

According to information received from the press service of the US Embassy in Moscow, the following groups of applicants for non-immigrant American visas are included in the number of categories of citizens to the so-called express service

1. Citizens, in the last five years at least twice visiting the United States. Provided, however, that the period of staying in the American territory during each visit was less than 1 month;

2. Persons over the age of sixty years, intending to visit the United States at the invitation of American friends or relatives. True, in this case, the inviting party must provide evidence of its financial consistency, as well as the invited one;

3. Students studying in US educational institutions. They can count on relief from the Embassy officials while complying with two conditions:

– if a student has ever previously been in the United States on visas F-1 (student) and M-1 (student recessional);

– if the student seeks a student visa with the intention of continuing in the United States studying in the same school, where he studied before;

4. Citizens applying for a visa type H ("temporary employee") Or L ("Transfer within the company"). Provided that the earlier they are already in the US on work visas and are now applying for the same type of visa with the aim to continue to work in the US;

5. Persons intending to enter the US visa J-1 ("cultural exchange program"), Which had previously been in the United States on the basis of a visa and come back the same program. In the presence of IAP-mold 66;

Who let go to America without conversations

6. Persons applying for a J-1 visa with the intention to visit the United States to participate in a cultural exchange program sponsored through the US government;

7. Spouses, children and parents of adult US citizens if there is evidence that they are able to pay for their stay in the US.

The applicants belonging to one of the above categories may apply with regard to obtaining a US visa in the Consular Section of the US Embassy in section "express all".

Service by type "express all" the Consular Section of the Embassy is carried out daily, except Saturday and Sunday. Reception of visa applications and the documents produced in the morning – 7.30 to 10.00. Section "express line" located in the northern annex of the building of the consular department of the Embassy – next to the ticket office windows.

Passed the documents before 10 am issued a visa on the same day after 15.00. Get the application forms can be on any working day from 8.30 to 12.00 or 14.00 to 15.00 in the information window, located at the US Embassy building directly under the American flag.

Who let go to America without conversations

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