Who is terrible – Lion or Alfred?

This unusual photo was made in 1957. At dinner, the great and terrible Alfred Hichkok, Matcher Suspense, and the King of Beasts – Lion. Moreover, not an ordinary lion, and the very, famous, from the screen saver Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Predator called Leo (what an unexpected name is true?), and he became a symbol of MGM just in 1957.

I must say that Lviv in the MGM screensaver was a lot. For the first time, a predator appeared in it in 1916, when the artist Howard Ditz came up with a logo with silent lion. It was called him – Silent Lion. The fact is that all the movie then was dumb. And then in different years, other lions were demonstrated from the movie screens: Telly, Slats, Jackkey, Coffee, George and Tanner. And they buried loudly. Previously, "My Planet" talked about the five unusual fate of animals from movies.

See Paris

In this video you can see the scenes of the daily life of Paris in the 1890-1900s. Of course, initially these rollers were black and white and did not have sound, but modern video editors restored them, hair salted and added soundtrack. Movies were removed by the Lumiere brothers and captured the most significant places of the French capital: Notre Dame, Champs Elysees, Square of Consensia, Tuilery Gardens and Eiffel Tower. Look also a big photo project about Paris of the beginning of the XX century.

Brave warriors

Akali (this name is translated as "immortal") – Armed Order, who fought for the purity of faith. It originated in the north-west of India in the XVII century in the medium of radical sikh priests, who believed that their religion needs to be protected with weapons in hand. Akali usually conducted a wonderful lifestyle, traveled alone or large groups. Moreover, money for food was earned very unusual (for spiritual persons) in the way: either rely on donations, or simply took away from a simple people what they needed.

Akali is known for their high turbans. They are called "Dastar Bung" and are often richly decorated with chakras – combat throwing discs. Previously, they could also be supplied with iron claws, which were struck by enemies on the battlefield. Nowadays, Akali has become a combat community to religious and cultural, but their traditions are preventing their traditions (read the material "My Planet" about the rules of life of Sikhov). Members of the Order are often carrying on their turbans miniature versions of five types of weapons: chakra (throwing disc), Khandu (sword or Palash), Kirp (ceremonial dagger), ceremonial (saber) and tire (arrow). Learn more about the unusual heads of the inhabitants of India from the article "My Planet".

On a white horse

Who is terrible - Lion or Alfred

A moment of milot. Admire how after the bath a white horse dried the mane with a hairdryer. By the way, you know that in terms of science, most white horses are not really white, but light gray? Horses of white suit (not albinos) are extremely rare. In general, the main masters are four: the Voronaya, the bumping, redhead and gray. If you want to check your knowledge about horses – go through our test.

Despite its rarity (and possibly, thanks to it), white horses always played a special role in the culture of Europe and Asia. They were satellites of the gods, saved people from the misfortune and symbolized fertility and purity. And today there are cities who consider white horse to be a patron. Such, for example, Hanoi (there is even a whole temple of a white horse) in Vietnam and Phanganutan in the Philippines.

Diamond pure water

This delivered snake – Beloguby Python. In nature, he lives on the Islands of Indonesia and New Guinea and can reach the length of 2-3 m. But there are a large number of fans of exotic animals that hold the belonging pythons at home. And they can be understood, because those incredibly beautiful! By the way, you know that Pythons are named by the name of the monster from ancient Greek mythology? PiPron, or Python, was a snake that guarded the entrance to the Delphic Temple before Apollo took him. There is also a version that the ponyphone itself (to Apollo) predicted the future. According to his name, they also called Pythia.

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