Who is actually to blame in the tragic death of the baby, fallen from the cruise liner?

Creepy in his absurdity and tragedy case of child death. So that when the first impressions have passed, many have any questions – How could this be happening? And as far as, in fact, huge for children huge cruise liners, even when they are simply peaceful at a moisture wall?

Tourist ship «Freedom of the Seas» It belongs to the royal caribbean cruise company and, mostly, takes tourists in the Caribbean region. On board can rise to 4 thousand people and they all have, where can accommodate comfort – As it should be so ships, the liner is just huge. More precisely, its maximum height with a complete sediment is 70 m, which is comparable to the height of a 20-storey building. Chloe Vigand at the time of the tragedy was significantly lower, but it did not save her.

A cruise ship «Freedom of the Seas» It was moored in the port of San Juan that in Puerto Rico, on Sunday, July 7, 2019. Around 16:00 Family Vigand, as part of Mom Kimberly, Chloe’s daughter and grandfather Salvatore Anelahlo, came to a large dining room for passengers. This is a spacious room, with panoramic glazing, which is located on the 11th deck. Height – about 50 m, and since the ship was moored in the port, then instead of blue sea water under the windows was concrete. On which the tiny chloe fell.

According to the official version put forward by the police of the city, grandfather at the request of granddaughter raised it to the open window, but did not resist and dropped. The design of this deck is such that the outer side has a reverse bias, nor clinging for something, neither fall somewhere on the ship is impossible. A huge height and a solid surface did not leave the girl any chance – Former at that time in the dining room, people will not remember the animal currency of her mother, who has talked in hysterics at the ill-fated window. Doctors arrived promptly, the girl was taken to the hospital at 16:30, but it did not matter.

Who is actually to blame in the tragic death of the baby, fallen from the cruise liner

According to the same official version, the police found it an accident and put forward the accusations of Sedu Chloei did not. It is unlikely that he threatens and American justice, whose citizens are family. Salvatore Anello All friends, work colleagues and acquaintances describe as an extremely honest, respectable person. Besides – responsible and responsive. And the little Chloe loved the windows so much and the view of them, that she did not constitute a labor to manipulate her beloved grandfather, so that he brought her to them, albeit contrary to the comments of the mother.

The lawyer of Vigandov, Michael Winkleman, directly declares that it will insist on the fault of the ship’s team. Why in such a dangerous room suddenly turned out to be openly, and not some kind of fortification, but a large fragment, where and adult can fall? And if the window can so easily open any passenger, then why no security measures are taken about this? This is not an open deck, where any ballback can jump over the board, if he decides, and a special room, and even at high altitude. Salvatore Anelle had every reason to believe that everything is in order, and since the window is open, then nothing dangerous in it.

Royal Caribbean limited himself to a standard response with condolences and refused to announce the details of the incident «Of respect for the tragedy of the family». And therefore it is not very clear how exactly chloe was outside. Grandfather was so reckless that he put the baby on his hands out of the window, port air to breathe? Or he still planted her on the windowsill, which is not designed for his stay on him a restless child? And maybe Chloe itself turned out of the hands of an elderly man when he was distracted for something? Be that as it may, but tourists with young children are now one phobia more.

Who is actually to blame in the tragic death of the baby, fallen from the cruise liner

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