Who is actually depicted on the famous paintings

Kustodiev and 20-year-old actress Moscow Art Theater Fain Shevchenko met in the summer of 1914. He then worked on the scenery in the theater and got a breathtaking beauty. Went to her in the dressing room and timidly asked to pose. In principle, she was not against, but nude? "I don’t need such a shame," Shevchenko said. – I am an actress of the art theater! So what? Thousands of people will see me naked?"I still managed to persuade.

The effect of the picture was, as they say now, bombing. Stanislavsky at the sight of Nude came terror, shouted so that the walls were shaking: "Away from my eyes, a liberator!"(But then I forgive.) Some Metropolitan complained: "Apparently, the devil drove the artist’s sucking hand when he wrote his "Beauty", For he embarrassed my peace forever ". Critics saw in the canvase "and admiring, and erotica, and irony". Fainee the picture did not like: too tolly portrayed her artist. However, she was not going to change. Her colleague on MHT Sophia Hiacintow recalled: "It happened, we go to classes, and she already looks out of us from the first floor window. "Girls, – Screaming, – Kakao drink with pies!". And the step did not do. All on cabrows ".

Overweight she did not interfere. Shevchenko was a talented actress, he later received the title of folk, twice became laureate of the Stalinist Prize. Men loved her. She was fascinated by the block to which she sang Gypsy romances. There was a short marriage with actor Grigory Khmara. He was then called Great, which did not cancel the windiness: took the young wife into her native Poltava, and he himself was twisted in Paris, where his love with a silent movie actress happened. There, in Poltava, Faina and met his handsome Alexander – brother who left her husband, and he returned to Moscow and lived until the end of his life. True, at the tour in Paris met with Fedor Shalyapin, he brought him crazy and herself did not remain indifferent. The husband was jealous terribly: she was worn throughout Paris with a gun in search of a splice. But somehow it was easy.

And Shalyapin ordered a portrait of Faini from Kustodiev. And the one for a long time chained to the wheelchair, wrote another option "Beauty" (he repeated it before). This is the cloth in 2003 left at Sotheby’s auction for the fantastic amount – £ 845,600 (about $ 1,388 475).
Faina Vasilyevna shined for a long time on the scene of Mkat and died in 1971.

Claude Monet, "Women in the Garden", 1866

"Women in the garden" Claude Monet wrote in 1866. Model for all three ladies on the canvas served Camilla Donal. However, she is "Japanese", "a woman with an umbrella", "lady in green", as well as all women from "breakfast on the grass". In short, almost any woman’s brushes of the famous impressionist. Why pay a simtaturian when there is a young beautiful wife?

With the daughter of a small Lyon bourgeois 17-year-old Camille Donal Monet met in 1865. Soon they began to live together. "A beautiful girl with a soft character, she equally smoothly took ups and falls in the career of his spouse, in heavy times, not redeemed on the cold in a non-well apartment and a meager diet," writes in the book "The Casual Life of Impressionists" Jean-Paul Kurver. They needed so much that Monet scraped the paint with his old paintings, cleaning the canvas for new works. In August 1869, Monet wrote to a friend: "Renoir brings us from home bread so that we do not die with hunger. Week without bread, without fire in a focus, without light – it’s terrible ".

Finally, happiness smiled: Monet paintings began to be exhibited and sold! Now the Camillas had a cook, a gardener, a governess for her son and beautiful outfits, who stressed her still did not doubt beauty. They lived together for 15 years. According to the testimony of the Jean-Field of the queen, the death of 32-year-old Camilla was tragic. "She died of cancer of the uterus after the birth of the second child, the son of Michel. Agony Unhappy was painful, besides, a frivolous spouse left her to care if it could be so called, a village doctor. Only when Camilla died, Claude Monet appeared on the horizon. Even in such a tragic moment, Monet remained an artist, having decided to portray Camilla on a mortal window shrouded blue haze. So it appeared one of the most exciting visions that came out from under the brush of the Impressionists ".

Orest Kiprensky, "Girl in a poppy wreath with a red carnation in hand", 1819

In Italy, where the artist was at that time, the canvas found so perfect that they had no doubt: it was written by the Master of the Renaissance! Only submitting sketches and testimonies, Cypriansky managed to prove their authorship. His model was called Marcchika, she was a daughter of the artist’s simulator. And then the tragedy happened, after which he had just been applauded Rome erected Ores in the rank of villain. Once in the morning, the mother of Marcuchi was found in his workshop: they strangle her, covered with canvas and set fire.

Cypriansky was sure: His servant Angelo is guilty. After the murder of the young Italian found in an insanitable state, worse, and after a few days he died. But the city of His confidence did not share. Konstantin Poystovsky wrote: "Rome turned away from the artist. When he went outside, the boys threw stones into it because of the fences and whistles, and the neighbors – artisans and merchants – threatened to kill ". Life in the eternal city became unbearable. Before the ride departure from Italy, Cyprosensky, very tied to Maruchche, determined it in the monastery shelter, leaving a decent amount for maintenance.

Who is actually depicted on the famous paintings

Orest Kiprensky. Self-portrait, 1828

And in Russia, Orest Adamovich does not forget about his ward, he writes sculptor Samuel Galberg: "I ask you to make me friendship, declare her boss that I will certainly come to Rome for two or three years and I will try to our Marewich, which I am quite accepted in her fate. I have no one closer on Earth, there are no native and nobody ".

In 1828, a 46-year-old artist returns to Italy. Marurochka by that time turned 16. "There was lonely and uncomfortable. Then the exhausted Cyprosen committed the last mistake – married Marurochka, – testifies POUST. – She did not love him, but was tied to him as a person who saved her from poverty and hunger. ". The artist drank a lot, happened, spent the night on the street. Once in this night he was cold and run – already forever. Cypriansky died in Rome October 17, 1836 from the inflammation of the lungs. After his death, Maruchet sent to the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. And soon gave birth to a daughter – Clotilda. Friend Jordan Kyrenovsky’s friend Jordan said that in 1844 he found Maria in Rome (Takovo was the full name of Marcuchka), she married some marquise. On this traces of "Girls in the poppy wreath" lost.

Auguste Renoir, "Portrait of an actress Zhanna Samari", 1877

Zhanna Samari had an artistic family: grandmother – the famous actress, father – Cellist Parisian opera, older sister and younger brother – actors, older brother – a violinist, she herself debuted at the age of 18 in the theater "Comedi Franquez" and his freshness and lively conquered the public. "Well, glazes of you, Jeanne! So wait for them to buy!"- joking duma son. So Renoir was glad when the parents of the charming subtretki came to write a portrait of her daughter: "Jeanne is so admired by you. "

The artist was sincerely fascinated by the model: "Right, she all illuminates around. Real sunlight ". But his passion was creative. Coming to the Farosho street, where the actress lived, he, on the memories of Zhanna, so in a hurry to start working that he sometimes forgot even say hello.

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