Who is a dead man?

Once upon a time in the city of Olympos, on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, bloodthirsty pirate Zenicket. With particular cruelty, he robbed commercial vessels, for which he gone "Sea Devil". When the Greeks came to the city (ancient, of course), they kicked out the height from Olympos. Zenicket fled to the mountains. But it was found there. And then the pirate – proud soul – set himself together with her home: Death is better than captivity.

And since the most time, stubborn rumors have been going: the tricky Zenikes managed to hide her, according to legends, reasonable treasures in one of the underwater caves.

And these are the most treasures lie flattening, and you sit, read the newspaper and do not move your finger. Take a vacation immediately, collect a suitcase and fly to Antalya – it is there that there is a dead city of Olympos and is waiting for his owner Pirate gold.

It is said that Moscow is already "Named" Antalya, even the Word itself is already tumbling in the teeth. Slander. Moscow has not yet proged it is a fish dish.

Long before the thousand years ago, Turkic tribes came to this land, several civilizations have already been replaced here. I tender about unfamiliar Hittites with Frigians. We will not extend about the Celts, also flashed here. By the way, one of the versions, the name of the Turkish capital "Ankara" Comes from Celtic "Ankira" – anchor. But the Greeks were legitimized in Antalya even more than in Greece itself: the point and the point stumble on any antique fragment. Local merchants for cheap sell you "Those very!" Statues of Venus and Hercules, and self-refined guides for some five dollars will indicate "True" The grave of Alexander Macedonsky.

By the way, the ancient was so nicely worked out at one time, which is still the descendants to be used as appointment. Say, the famous Aspiendos amphitheater (a few kilometers from Antalya) for twenty thousand people. Drive Opera Diva is not averse to give there an anchlag concert. Imagine: You are at the very place where, in a couple of dozen centuries, some Greco-Roman aristocrat was also peacefully sitting peacefully, the same stars shine above your head, and something unimaginable is going on on the same scene. Acoustics is so good that even scary to move in order not to disturb the magic of the place.

Well, God with them, pagans. Turn to the cute to our heart of the Byzantine Empire. And here Antalya is not on the backyards. Provincial dusty town Demre (also Antalsky Corner) – At first glance, nothing special. But among modern houses, seized with grape vines, hid, as in the sink, "pearl" – Early Christian Church of Nicholas Wonderworker. Patron Sailors, Travelers and Russia. Therefore, the priests from Sergiev Posad are often visited and served in the church (VI century H. NS.) Solemn services. Not far from the demre Nicholas, the Wonderworker was born, here he lived, worked his wonders and secretly gave residents of the city of Christmas gifts to Christmas, for which in the West is more famous as Santa Claus. Once the princess of Golitsin at the secret instruction of the royal government tried to buy land around this church and to establish a our colony here, but the Ottoman Sultanate did not allow her.

Justice should be noted that, despite its maliciousness, the Ottoman Empire presented the world a lot of useful things. For example – "a cafe". It is argued that in the 12th century, the Ottoman army, retreating from Vienna, left coffee bags – from here and began to acquaint Europe with this elixir of vigorous and popularity "a cafe" in Vienna. In Turkish "coffee" pronounced as "Cafet".

A lush harem? A hookah? By the way, now in Antalya, a single place has been preserved, where you can smoke a hookah, and it will be brought to you asking you: Dextes the old habit.

But the other day in Antalya passed the next monument to Ataturku (translated – "Father Turkov", "Father of the people") – the third on the billion city. Find out ataturk easily: a bald man in a tourist position voting on the highway (according to Dovlatovoy). Very similar to our famous character, only without cap. Yes, and rest also in Mausoleum, only in Ankara. Ataturk is depicted on all Turkish cash bills, his portrait hangs in all institutions, up to hairdressers and cafes. Guess whose name is the main streets in all cities and villages?

The status of this person is comparable except with the status of a sacred cow in India. To take off for such a height, it was necessary to make something completely dizzy. For example, prohibit the Turku to have four wives at once (now, by law, – only one). To prohibit wearing national clothing under the fear of criminal punishment, as in due time Peter first banned wearing beard beard. And command everyone to relax on Sunday, as in Europe, and not on Friday, as it should be all the rest of Muslims.

What came of it? Judge for yourself. Once I walked at the wedding in Antalya. Note, Antalya has sharply different from the rest of Turkey with its resort hassiness and superminkers of liberated women of the East. I got into the salon, something like a restaurant, where a person was sitting for unclear tables. On the walls – dozens of greetings (for our taste – exactly in the funeral) wreaths from friends. If the guest stopped in her throat, he caught a rare waiter and ordered Kola, Phanta, maximum – beer for his own money. And nuts. And at the same time everyone is terribly having fun. Music thundered, guests inspired danced. Great! Suddenly there comes silence, and people, as a team, are built in line to the bride and groom, shoulder to shoulder standing in the middle of the improvised scene. It should be noted, on the bride – the usual white wedding dress for us, however, ridicked by a red lace, which symbolizes the innocence of the newlywed. When the guest’s turn was dissolved, the New Year tree was revealed at the place of the bride: the guests are put on his gifts (gold and money), guests are pinned to the in-wing dress in English pins, and there are so many guests that in the last rows of the queue is even fighting for the free space.

Then the contented groom took away his such expensive girlfriend somewhere behind the scenes, removed all the gold from her, folded into the box and. Couple returned to the hall. Dancing continue. Who is an antalya wedding?!

Hilarious guests then have already rolled up on countless kabaks and the restaurants Antalya. This city is simply created for night entertainment: discos under the stars at the very blue sea, bars with live music in the old quarter (XVIII-XIX century) Times of the Ottoman Empire – narrow streets, tiled roofs, mounted secrets of dark butt of this labyrinth.

Who is a dead man

But walk all night long – not scary. This is not Moscow. And no problems with communication. Maybe it’s unknown to you, but you know Turkish. For example, such words: fool, fist, tobacco, mess, Baska. You only need to adjust the value.

"Fool" – bus stop.

And if you do not need neither history, nor weddings, but only the purest Sapphire of the Mediterranean Sea in the Malachite crossing of pines and the Tauridian mountains, then begging: do not dissolve in it quite, save at least a bit of mind. And it will come out, as with one of my acquaintances, having rest in Antalya.

– What is the number today? – Asks.

But the main thing: do not forget about the treasures for a second. After all, I found my climb in Turkey.

You already have a ticket to Antalya?

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Who is a dead man

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