Who deceives whom when buying tours and tourist services – part 3

In the last record, we talked about when and how the sellers deceive themselves, and this allows them to be much more successful to deceive buyers. But the customers of the tourist agencies themselves love to deceive themselves, but their motivation is already much "foggy" and I’m not sure that these thoughts will fit in one article. Let’s talk about it.

Deception buyer buyer

Not often, and not very often, but almost always. In 99% of cases, the buyer’s deception seller "goes paired" with self-deception of the client. To deceive a sensible person is almost impossible. I prove it every week when I call the next "wisp" of the Internet, and each of them by the end of the conversation, it seems to me, understands it himself.

To deceive one person, others most often need the motivation of the client to deceive himself. But this complicated motivation and seek professional lgs. Let’s consider an example from the tourist business. As usual, take the client of the tourist company and our favorite Dominican Republic. Use this country has already become a good tradition for my blog.

Classical history

So, the buyer Igor wants to buy a tour in Punta Cana. He does not represent at all where the Punta Cana is on the world map, which you can see and how much is the tour. Just a few of his friends went there, and everyone liked it, but he wants to "not lag". Here is this motivation.

And he makes the first and most important mistake – he is lying on his motivation itself. Now he can deceive anyone and as you like. He inspires himself that this is the best country to relax that the resorts of Dominicans are located in the purest sea and so on.

He comes to the tourist agent, and if he is a professional deceiver, and such a lot, then comrade Igor is completely in his hands. Now let’s stop at the concept of "professional liar".

Professional deceivers – we are all

We all were professionals in the field of deception. It was in distant childhood. I remember the recent statement of one of his familiar about his daughter. She said: "Dad, I want to eat, give me candy". Of course, an adult man will not cheat so, it is obvious that the girl wanted candy, and there is no hunger here.

Children learn to deceive their parents. They can not get something on their own, but only through dad, mom, grandfather or grandmother. They have no impact levers on parents, and they can only try to deceive.

When we become adults, then forget about it. There is such a concept of "children’s amnesia", several times for his life a person forgets almost everything that was with him. Some do not forget and they are professional deceivers.

How everything happens next

The agent immediately sees that a person has a serious attitude. Sees his strong motivation, and especially not admiring what it consists. As soon as the liar professional sees strong motives, it is understood that the "client it".

For any questions about the country, he responds positively. How much time to fly to Dominicans?

Answer: Nearby. A man in a right mind, not overshadowed by the social factor "not to lag", would definitely ask for sure. Then the agent would already be much more difficult to lie if he was asked to call the exact number. But our hero Igor does not ask additional questions and believes everything.

Are there any interesting sights?

Answer: Of course, the city of Altos de Chavon artists is an amazing place, the cleanest and beautiful beaches of Sona Island, can still look at the grave of Christopher Columbus in the famous Columbus Lighthouse in Santo Dominigo.

Who deceives whom when buying tours and tourist services - part 3

By the way, Columbus is not buried there, but according to the examination, his remains are located in Spain. But Igor is not particularly important, he needs confirmation of his motivation. It is necessary that someone agreed with his self-december.

Answer: Excellent weather, ideal for beach holidays.

And in fact, in full swing, the rainy season, which can spoil rest, and maybe not.

Answer: No, not needed.

But the agent does not report that the migration card costs 10 dollars, and on the road you need to pay another 20.

Etc. Of course, the agent will not impede the client’s strong motivation. On the contrary, he will lie to support it. He will never tell that the outlets in the dominica of another format and not all electrical appliances will work. He will not say that with children in this country there is almost nowhere to go. In addition to the Zoo Manati Park Dominican, it’s hard to find any other place, an interesting child. Will not say about the features of the Caribbean cuisine that some dishes are not ours.

Everything is aimed at supporting the client, and it is possible by lie and inexpensively. In this case, the travel agent does not deceive himself, he supports self-deception buyer.

And our client falls to the resort in Punta Cana, it rains there, he already gave money for a visa and several excursions, although he did not like. He has no euro in his pocket, nor dollars nor Dominican currency. The child cries from boredom, the wife feels bad, as the fried bananas are not for the our stomach.

The exclusive stones of the laminar and rare amber, which agent told the Answer to the question of bringing out of the Dominican Republic, there are so much that they needed to save money from Igor’s managerial salary.

And he dreamed, he actually ride the great Egyptian pyramids – it is his dream since childhood. And got into another place and 3 times more expensive.

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