Who cocoa is the case

In just one hour we visited Thailand, Tokyo and Cuba, went to the past and found out what taste Charlie Chaplin. And now the story will be followed not about the prohibited psychotropic drugs, as it was possible to assume, but about the usual chocolate, which one Swiss confectioner turned into the most delicious teleportator on Earth.

At the appointed time we approach a small store, it is not located on the most brought street Vevey. Until two o’clock in the afternoon, the game will be busy in the kitchen. And this is despite the fact that he wakes up at about 4 am, and chocolate candies begins to produce in 5. "We must work to the main heat, well, and naturally, to visitors. Because then breakfasts, lunches, bustle, and for my candies you need silence and harmony", – tells us confectioner.

  • Monument Charlie Chaplin
  • Confectionery tables and showcase
  • Chocolate shoes

Here he arrived in 1996. Before that, 8 months with his future wife traveled in Asia. There appeared the idea of ​​doing not just chocolate, but something that will inspire people to big things and noble thoughts.

Who cocoa is the case

The first of his creation is a chocolate symbol for the city of Veve. It so happened that it was here that 25 years lived Great Charlie Chaplin. Monsieur Utya visited the actor’s heirs to find out how to perpetuate his memory. It turned out that almost the entire figure of the famous comedian comedian was patented and strictly protected by his descendants. All but boots. Great, I said the understanding and started working.

To do this, he read Chaplin’s memoirs, a few of his biographies. After that, brought the formula: the actor was funny, and the pastry took out caramel from the shelf; He was an artist, and in the course went cashew nuts; He was resistant to difficulties, and here it was not without bitter chocolate. So a pair of miniature chocolate boots appeared on the light, which are packed in a small box, a copy of the real shoe. Details, that’s what makes a big creator a real artist. In such boots you can start our journey.

The next step was to create a collection of Praline with taste. Cities. Connective, we are in Tokyo. Feel? Flowers Sakura and in the neighboring eatery spill sake. Past a young Japanese was passed by us, turned out, it was interested in unusual Europeans, giggled and turned over the corner. We all present all this until chocolate is slowly dissolved in the mouth. It is decorated with floral ornament, and a soft note nectar suddenly replaces the bright aftertaste of Vassabi. Overdue, exactly the whole scene in Tokyo has just happened to.

  • Confectioner Monsieur Say
  • Cooking
  • Chocolate symbol of the city

"Cabuliaaa. We jump from Tuk-Tuka, and find yourself in the center of Bangkok", – continues world tour monsie. Little Praline with Golden Corner. Gold, by the way, the present, it personifies the king, Thai palaces and temples. The remaining three angle is empty – ommage of buddhist philosophy. Tom Tom Sum and Cashew. Amazing how can it be chocolate?!

For her candy, Monsieur understands the chocolate, which makes the best varieties of cocoa beans. For example, for candies released by the 500th anniversary of the birth of Jean Calvin, he released chocolate candies made from Cocoa Bob Gran Cru Savaz Bolivia, the most expensive in the world. The fact is that these beans can not be cultivated, and in industry use wild fruits. Last year, they were collected only 50 kg. This is much more, already 8 tone, but their value does not fall from it.

Feeling as if ate just very valuable. Need to urgently kill the taste. "Gentlemen, finally try Cuban candy. They are with notes of cigar". Well, here the skill of Monsieur understands only applaud. Manage to make edible chocolate on a completely incredible topic – this is really a miracle for which it is worth going here.

Confiserie Poyet SA, Rue Du Theater 8, VEVEY.: +41 (0) 21 921 37 37)

Who cocoa is the case

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