Who built the roads of the giants?

Today I want to tell about one of the most amazing places on the ground – the road of the Giant’s Causeway, which is in a very me with the beloved Northern Ireland.

As very sophisticated lovers of all the most interesting, you probably have already heard something about this place. Therefore, today I decided to slightly lower the facts about the nature of this miracle and tell the legend, in my opinion, no less entertaining.

So, in the Northern Kingdom, in the Irish state, there was a certain Finn poppy kamal – a man (Giant) a strong body and a brave spirit, a good family man and a courageous warrior. He considered his duty to defend his family and land, and therefore immediately volunteered to fight with one-eyed gall – the enemy, at the sight of which even the most branded knees were shaking. One problem – opponents shared no more than no less, and the Irish Sea.

But what can stop brave Finn? In order “Do not dance legs”, He drives into the sea stone columns and, tired of such hard work, goes to rest. And here it also begins the most interesting. Envy an interesting building built by Finn, the Gol himself is to visit him to fight. Imagine: the husband is sleeping, and the monstrous type with one eye break into the house. Think, Finn’s wife was afraid of such a guest?

No. Instead, she did what she saved her life, her husband, and at the same time and all the neighbors. Pointed to your sleeping husband, she said that this is her baby son, but no husband will soon. Well, and not leave the guest without attention! Finn’s wife began to raise him with cakes, yes with pepling not simple. I took and baked iron frying pan. Poor Hol, along with cakes ate his teeth, should be. And the woman who woke up a baby woman gave ordinary cakes, which he gladly missed.

What impression it was on hand? He dreamed in horror! After all, if such a baby, then it should be his dad? On the way, he crumbled the structure of Finn, in order not to meet face to face with the sim father of the family.

Such a legend. Let’s now find out what the facts tell us.

First, these columns are basalt, and the nature of their occurrence is volcanic. I, as a person, is far from science, especially from geology, it is not clear at all, as a result of an eruption of a volcano, such smooth columns set close to each other can form and having the shape of.

Who built the roads of the giants

Some columns have not 6, and 7 or 8 corners. At the same time, the highest column has a height of 12 meters.

Columns form a path, ranging from the rock, and go to the sea. This is how interesting it looks from:

Looking at them somehow subconsciously looking for a catch: maybe this is the work of a man? Nevertheless, no evidence in favor of this version of the origin of the columns. So, this is another plus. Plus Infinity in the biggest karma – karma of nature.

If you look at the columns are not on top, and on the side, it can be seen that they are such to the very foundation, and not only in the top.

By the way, if you want to plunge into the atmosphere of Ireland, I advise you to watch the movie “Leap year” (2010) Light, romantic and funny. I’m so, by the way.

Who built the roads of the giants
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