Who built Baygoon tubes: man, nature, aliens?

This discovery has become a real sensation: in 1996, in the caves and the surrounding area of ​​Baygun Mountain in China, scientists discovered difficult to intertwined "iron pipes" with a diameter of several millimeters to 40 cm. As soon as the unusual find is not called: a prehistoric water supply, drainage system and even a cosmodrome for alien ships. Enontending Chinese authorities paved the tourist route to Mount Baygoon and even set nearby a monument to the aliens from Space. What is Baygun pipes really?

As shown by laboratory studies of Chinese geologists, Baygong pipes consist of quite earthly materials: iron oxides, calcium and silicon. Careful study of samples removed from the surface and protected from weathered, made it possible to detect coal and characteristic pattern in the slice of the largest pipe diameter – annual rings. All this suggests that Baigong pipes are not a man-made, but natural education: petrified forest.

Such objects are called pseudomorphosis and occur as a result of substitution processes: one mineral replaces other minerals, shells or bones of animals. And in the case of Baygong tubes, calcium and iron oxides replaced wood roots and trunks.

This is a complex and long geochemical process – complete substitution lasts millions of years. To answer the question of the age of Baygong pipes, you need to know the history of the geological development of those places where they were discovered. It is possible that the forests covered the neighborhood of the Baygun mountain in the time of Paleogen and Neogene, that is, from 66 to 2.5 million years ago.

The petition occurred under the ground, when the trees were blocked by sedimentary rocks and without access to oxygen did not have time to quickly. In the process of formation of pseudomorphosis, wood loses hydrogen and oxygen and is enriched with carbon. Then the water saturated with minerals penetrates through the thickness of the rocks, impregnating and enriching the changed, more or less charred tree of silicic acid, calcium, iron salts. Gradually, all organic substances are replaced by those or other minerals, and the cellular structure of the fabric is preserved.

Who built Baygun pipes man, nature, aliens

Later, as a result of erosion, petrified remains of trees were on the surface. Coal, in which the trees have become overwhelmed during this time, weathered in the surface part, and in the rocks preserved and was discovered.

Wood replace different minerals: in volcanic rocks, regardless of the ambient temperature, it turns into silicon, and in the thickness of sedimentary rocks at low temperatures – in plaster, iron, pyrite or calcite

Pseudomorphosis on wood – not a rare phenomenon. They are found where there were eruptions of volcanoes in forest areas: increased mineralization of water is associated with volcanic activity. The trunks and fragments of the petrified wood are found in the northeast of Siberia – on the rivers of Lena, the vilyu, the tributaries of the Tunguska, as well as on the coast of Kamchatka and in Georgia. Finds and a fossil tree deposit in Kuznetsk coal pool, in Ukraine, in Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan. Among the petrified trees in these regions are coniferous (spruce, pine) and deciduous (alder, birch, oak).

Who built Baygun pipes man, nature, aliens

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