Who became the sky

In the profession of a military pilot, romance in excess exactly until the moment when he becomes a shot bird. The pilot went into battle, realizing that if he was shot down, the graves would most likely never be. Lucky if you kill in the air, and if not, the last seconds of life in the burning, sprinkled on the part in the air the aircraft will be terrible.

In two months, the film trail team went to search expeditions organized by the our Military Historical Society five times. Expeditions were technically difficult because it was about the rise of aircraft shot down during the past war and sometimes in incredibly hard-to-reach places. In total, five aircraft were raised from the swamps, the remains of the crews were found, their names were installed and relatives of the victims were found. Each lift is like a detective final, where at the very end of the investigation it is possible to find exactly those links that will allow folding scattered pieces into a finished story.
Episodes unites the fact that all pilots died in 1942-1943 when eliminating the Demyansky boiler. Now it is a huge forest overgrown and the wetland of the Novgorod region between Lakes Seliger, Ilmeny and Worders.

Who became the sky

The Demyansky boiler was formed in February 1942, after 100,000 German soldiers were surrounded by 13 months. For the supply of surrounded Germans, the Luftwaffe organized an unprecedented air bridge. Every day, dozens of cargo aircraft with reinforcements, products and ammunition flew in Demyansk, and our pilots were trying to disrupt these deliveries by all. It was a hard time – time loss and bitter experience.

Who became the sky

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