Who ate your grandmother?

The crown of creation man did not immediately. There was a time when he was just a link in the food chain. There are numerous remains about this – first of all Australopiteks, various types of which lived in Africa from 4.2 to 1.9 million years ago.


"Despite the fact that the eagles are just birds, they could be attacking Australopites, who were also not very large. At least a young, "says the famous our anthropologist Stanislav Drobyshevsky in his lecture" What death died our ancestors ".

A classic example is the Skull of the so-called Baby from Taultage – Young African Australopithek, who lived from 2.5 to 3 million years ago. Town – the name of the quarry in the South African province of Transvaal, where they found a skull. The entire forehead of the unfortunate "Baby" is written by characteristic celebrations that leave predatory birds (it is important to understand that this is not about modern predators, but about their ancestors who, however, did not differ from what is now) on the turtles of modern monkeys – Velvet and Young Pavians on which they regularly hunt.

Some scholars even believe that our desire to look at these large birds and admire them takes place from those times and has quite prosaic meaning. The forefathers were gone, no matter how they did not drag into heaven.

Flower Tiger

Who ate your grandmother

Or Gulbagh. So called the leopard romantic Hindus – apparently, for curly spots. Do not know the sons of Krishna, that this elegant predator was the main misfortune of our ancestors. The most terrible. Because this beast specializes in such a mining – medium size and quite slow (in comparison with the Gazelle). And also leopards, as you know, perfectly climb on trees. So Australopithekam, who, too, could also worry on the branches, did not have any salvation from them.

Certificate of this – bones with characteristic processes. For example, the skull of the so-called massive Australopithek from the same South Africa with two characteristic holes on the pattern. And such examples – weight. By the way, the fact that scientists generally find such a large number of remains of Australopites (there are really many of them), – "merit" of exclusively leopards, for which our ancestors were probably one of the main "dishes".

Well, the fact that they did not feed or often, they simply did not have time to achieve, received hyenas. These animals accompanied the history of our kind of always. Even when a person himself became a predator and a hunter: scientists regularly find the bones of dead ancestors who were excavated by hyenas after death.

Who ate your grandmother

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